Emmy-Lou, What to Do? Did I Ever? Write About Emmylou? The Volume Is Borked–Crank it. Crank it Up! And Enjoy. P.S., I LOVE Female Vocalist (And Female Singer/Song-Writers–Joni Comes Instantly To Invade My Feeble Mind)

Pretty Sure I DID Write (In My Re-past–Er… ‘Post’)

I Love Her So Marvelous Much,

She Is A ‘Classy’ Class Act

Did I Ever, Tell the story of When my Best Shipmate met Emmylou?

I’ll Write this story Again,

By & By And ants Goodbye,


It is A heart-warming Story

He (Fish) talked to her for two hours Before he even Realized who he had been talking to (It was at a Blue-Grass Festival)

So as he re-counted this story, I assked,

“So how did you find Emmylou?”

“She was very kind and gracious”

“Of course she was, That’s That Emmylou we love, respect and adore” I said

He had no words

I have so many more Emmy Lou stories to recount here, But, respectfully, I shant “It aintn’t No time for lendy, trendy lengthily speeces sppec ies”


Y’all catch me drift

Goodness Gracious!

What A Perfect Woman!