Y’all Know This Drill: PLEASE Re-Visit–I DID. Tanks In Advance. “This Was Ostensibly Meant To Be A Tongue – in- Cheek Fun Post,

But A ‘Friend’ Fuk’t It Up For Me & Pissed Me Off!

So, Natch, I Un-Loaded Both My Shot Gun Barrels Toward His / Hers General Vicinity”

But Some Asshole Took Offense Becuz I Used The ‘C’ Word–

Perhaps I’ll ‘Clean it Up Later–

But Don’T /Count Down’–

U May Drown.


A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie – Drowning

Cred Fer Vid: A Boogie Wit da Hoodie


It Was Directed At ME! No One Else But Me! ME FOR FUCK SAKE!

If You Be Too Stupid To Understand That Go Find Some Cute Kitten Vids To Explore & Enjoy!

Jeeze Louise!

Rent a Sense of Humor!

“Just a Quick One For Fun

(Food Makes Me Throw Up In My Mouth)”

Read the comment here if you have no life or a min of time to waste:

barbaramullenix November 15, 2021 at 12:59 Edit:

“Well, you finally topped yourself. I have some of the ‘thickest’ skin around and you finally pissed me off enough to tell you. I don’t know the sort of women you associate with, but none, to my knowledge, after hearing the work ‘cunt’ would have anything to do with you. I would reconsider your claim to be a ‘functioning’ alcoholic if you deem some of your phrasing to be anything but misogynistic.
Goodbye, and I hope you eventually get your life together.


I’m Calling ‘Bullshit’ On Her Comment:

Supercilious Bitch!



Are You fucking kidding me?!

I am about as far removed from misogyny as one can possibly be!

Read My Fuckin’ Blog!

I do nothing but celebrate & praise women on these pages!

Emmylou Harris on 3/13/77 in Chicago, Il. (Paul Natkin/Image Direct)

Today was a beautiful Texas early-autumn day.

Forever Autumn

Jeff Wayne, Richard Burton, Justin Hayward

This is a Most Beautiful Song

I Had The Entire ‘War of The Worlds’ On Cassette When I was in Sinai

Played it so much I had to buy a new copy

My cassette player ate my first

I threw THAT Cassette Player into a Wadi for The Bedouins and Bought a new, more better, more loyal one!

(Srry; I gots distracted—post is below)

Only a few problems:

I was dangerously low on booze.


And it was a Sunday.

And I was drunk

I refuse to drive drunk.

Not because I fear The LAW

But because I don’t wanna harm some innocent.

I went outside and sat down.

The sky was so blue

The air was so clean

I watched three crows on the wing

Diving down ever’ once in a while…

Picking up on shiny things


Black Crow

I looked at the morning
After being up all night
I looked at my haggard face in the bathroom light
I looked out the window
And I I saw that ragged soul take flight
I saw a back crow flying
In a blue sky

Had heard Timothy, my neighbor, mucking about.

Figured he could drive me to the beer store soon as they could legally (Crack of Noon in Tejas–Gotta let them Church O’ Christers outta their pen) sell me some wine or beer, or le both.

And some Copenhagen and a bit of food too (While I was at it)

But he was shade-tree mechanic working on someone’s car down the way.

So I just waited and watched the crows

And day-dreamed of booze and food….


To be continued

I Promise

Copenhagen Junkie – Chris LeDoux

Vid Share Street Cred: tjcrnj

Ramen Noodle Song

Vid Cred: Cartoon Connect


Had to add

From the Commentary Section:

barbaramullenix to Lance:
“I love me some Ramen Noodles. Cheap too!


Lance to barbaramullenix:

Yeah, Ramen Noodles are chock – full of vitamins and minerals & nutrition come to fruition

Vitamin ‘A’ for ‘Asshole, you should not be eating this’
Vitamin ‘C’ for ‘You really are a dumb cunt, ain’t ya?’

Vitamin ‘D’ for “this Dumbass gonna eat this Shit
Mineral ‘S’ for “You’re gonna have a stroke’
Vitamin ‘E’ for ‘Eat me; see what happens to yer body’

Vitamin ‘K’ for You’re not gonna be OK, So’K?”





Try Not To Cry!