The Wino And I Know. “Yeah, Livin’ My Life Like A Song.”

Make Your Own Kind of Music.

I Certainly Make Mine

(Cass Elliott)

I Love Her!


“‘Cause I’m livin’ on things that excite me
Be they pastry or lobster or love
I’m just tryin’ to get by bein’ quiet and shy
In a world full of push and shove.”

And, Yes Jimmy: I’ve Also Seen Too Many Places

“The Wino And I Know”

–Jimmy Buffet

Street Cred: MoonLit Water


Lance In Not-To Distant Future:

Speaking of “Futures”–My Liver Do Not Have One.

Not A Pleasant One Anyhow.

That’s What The Lovely Young She-Doc Told Me During My Recent Commerce Hospital Adventure told Me Anyway–

She Sent Me Home With Some Scary-Ass Lit:

Two Inches Thick.

Had ‘Family Snaps’ Of MY Liver & Ever’Thang.

I Saved it For My ‘Crap/Snap-Book-Book–

And to Tack to My

“I love Me Wall”

(Just Some ‘Light’ Reading)

For Reminiscing: 

“Hurry; Don’t Be Late”

For Reminiscing: 

Say Moi!

No Wine Before It’s Mine!


God Love ‘Em!

Street Cred: MoonLit Water


Bonus Added Value:

King Richard-The-First:


I know I am STUPID!

But, I just want to make people


(This is My Mission)


“Livin’ My Life Like A Song”

–Jimmy B.

“It’s A Strange Situation…

Wild Occupation!”–



Man Wrote some really Great Shit!

And Yes! I Have Read His Auto-biography–

“A Pirate Looks At Fifty”

It Kinda Sucked–Was All About Nothing But Water-Planes—

I Never Read Another One–The First One Bored Me To Tears


I was Disappointed


I generally

Don’t Like

To End My Posts On A Down



This Song…

Is My So-Called Life.


Very Long Ago…

“I thought I’d found a life to suit my style.

Obviously I Was Mistaken

“Spider John”

And This Vid Kinda Sucks

But I prefer Old Washed-Up Drunks To Watch,

Rather Than When They Were In-Their-Prime

Below is the Orig Audio Version

For All You ‘Purist Parrot-Parrot-Heads’ Out There In Radio-Land

Here is the Audio-Only Original Version:


How Many Good Women Have I Cast Away?

Far Too Many to Count.

But How Many Lotharios Do You Know Who Ever Even Learned To Count Above Ten?

Al Wilson – The Snake:

“You Can’t Be The First, But You Can Be Next.”