Updated & Had to Add! Arabia (Amman, Chapter The First) “Maggie” Or, “Lance-of-Arabia” Or, “Nothing is Written”


And Yes, Of Course, I Have Read His Book:


Lawrence of Arabia (1962)


The desert scenes were shot in Jordan and Morocco and Almería and Doñana in Spain.

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Maggie and Hala Used to Sing This Song around Our Office In Amman.

They Were So Charming!

I miss them so much!

I Used to Have Photos of Them,

But those photos perished in the BBQ Fire My Last Wife Set (Bitch!)


Maggie and Hala Used to Sing This song,

(Did I Mention This Already? No Matter)

a cappella about our office….


How I Miss Those Girls!


Mary Hopkin Those Were The Days

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Someday, Perhaps One Day, I Just May Learn To Speak/Write English

(My Hope Always Springs Eternal)


Here is Proof:

Movie: South Pacific

Artist Mitzi Gaynor



How many women have I loved (and lost)???

Better Dust off that TI Calculator

I worked in Amman Jordan for six months.
(Parsons/Bechtel evacuated Iraq at the end of our project—USAID Rural Water Project)

Kempinski Hotel Amman Jordan

Amman: I Loved Amman

We had completed all the ‘on-the-ground’-work.
Nothing left to do but finalize the paper-work.
We could do this in Jordan.

It was ‘safer

So said Parsons—No need to get anyone else kilt in Iraq—Made sense I suppose.

I protested.
To no avail.

I wanted to remain in Iraq.
Guess what?

My opinions did not matter.
So I flew to Amman.

Parsons maintained an office there.
Employed locals.

An aside/preamble:
Jordan has some of the most beautiful women in the world.
“Danger Will Robinson!” AKA Lance Marcom

I fell hard for one of them.
Working in that office of Parsons’
Her name was Margarete

She was, of course, an Arab.
But ‘Western-ized and Western- sized:

Meaning ‘Slightly Chunky.’

We fell headlong into love.

This was a monumental fuck-up on my/her part.

I knew better—or should have—we both should have…

Known Better

We did, but we chose to ignore

The danger


To Be Continued…

Later… Maybe… Probably Not

Gypsy Woman

Performed By Brian Hyland 

Written By Curtis Mayfield

I Know! I Know! I KNOW!

I Caint Edit For Shite!

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Some Smallish Added Value: