Writers in the Storm

Writers in the Storm

They are so forlorn

Just tryin’ to be Born

Like a page without a pen

Publish if you can…      

My Muse out there on the road

She’s just tryin’ to get home

She took long holiday

Now you’ve lost your way

Take her by the hand

Make her Understand

Your World on Her Depends

Her World will Never End


But Yours Will

–Lance Marcom, Wanna Be Writer


Added Value:


Song Dedicated to My Wayward Muse

Lena Horne – Stormy Weather (1943)

Cred for share: vintage video clips




Cred for Vid: YVIE R.

Martha Gellhorn: I Find Her Extraordinarily Sexy Smart.

“The Best Wife” Any Intelligent Man Could Dream of Or Desire, Or Even Wish For. And Then Fuk It All Up–I Can Certainly Relate.

And Y’all Know I Am A Sucker For A Good-Lookin’ Broad With Brains…

Martha was the best of ALL The Rest

Martha on Ernest:

“He was about as useful as a stuffed squirrel.”

Cred for Vid: Biographics

Martha and Hem:

She was here,” I want to shout. “And she was extraordinary.”



Writer’s Block

Chicago – 25 or 6 to 4 – 7/21/1970 – Tanglewood

Searching for Some Thing to Say

Twenny – Five Or Six To Four:

Cred: Band ‘Chicago’


Oh Yeah;

C’est Me

P.S. If You Don’t Know The Genesis Of This Song, You Probably Have Swerved Onto The Wrong Blog. Please Take Your Leave Quietly. And Don’t Forget To Shut The Door On Your Way Out. I Have an Aversion to Flies. Thank You.

And, Yes. I’m An Asshole.

This is Not New News

Just Deal With It.

Or Go Permanent Away



Denis Leary – Asshole

Brilliant Video. Guess Why I LOVE It

You Get Three Guesses,

But I Suspect

You’re Only Gonna Need Just One

‘Cause I’m An Asshole!


If I Have Already Re-Posted This And It O-Friends You, You Are Cordially Invited To Kiss My Azz, J/K! I Am NOT Well. I Do Not Feel So Swell… I Will Be Dying Very Soon. “Zen and the Art of Commentary Maintenance”

(With Apologies to Robert M. Pirsig)

Likes and Loves and Laughing Faces
Thumbs up Thumbs up
We’re off to the races!

A cheap thrill sensation
Brings joy and elation
With so much emoji
We’ll never be lonely

But cheap thrills ain’t lasting
Only forecasting
A sugary crash
Just a quick flash

It’s comments we want
No matter the font
Comments are golden
They fling the door open

Provide inspiration
Never inflation
True comments auspicious
And very propitious

Writers need feedback
Not smiley Prozac
If compelled to emoji
Don’t do that only

Take some small time
Drop a thin dime
Comment away
Make someone’s day


(Yeah, I actually wrote that shit above)

Back in the day when I used to be a ‘writer’.

Years and Beers & Tears ago…

Cred: BlondieMusicOfficial

I’m off to the Rodeo!

Catch Y’all On The Flip Flop!

Rodeo Song, by Garry Lee and the Showdown

Cred for Vid Share: Manosphere Environment


I love Writers. I Love Ever’Thang About What We Try To Be As Writers, How We Support One Another, As Opposed To The ‘Drive-by Likers’ Y’all Know The Ones: They Go To WP Reader and Clik ‘Like’–Never Even Reading The Post They Just ‘Liked’

Personal case in point:

Few hours ago, I got thirty ‘Likes’ within the short span of three minutes. Now, I, as most of you, generally post stuff that takes, at-the-very least, sixty seconds to peruse, longer to read, longer still to write a relevant, germane, thought-out thoughtful comment.

Y’all see where I am going with this?


I Detest ‘Drive-By Likers. Thank My God (I Can Co-op God, even as a ‘Devout’ Atheist)) I Thank God, I Have Been ‘Bless’d With a State-of-the-Art Bullshit Detector

Who Are Usually Just tryin’ to Sell Some Snake Oil for Flattering A Newbie, Just Tryin’ To Get Started With Bloggin. I HATE Drive-By Likers Trying to Fleece The Nativity of The Younger Amongst Us. Gus

I am NOT In The Market For Snake Oil Or Magic Beans. Honesty Is All I Will Tolerate. And If You Doubt The efficacy of My BullShit Detector, well… Try Me

Honesty is Sometimes a Lonely Word

Cred… Guess. Y’all Think I am Gonna Do ALL the Work? Think Again


I Love Our Writer/Blogger Brother/Sister In The Hood, Hood.

Just Wanted To Get That Out There…

For Posterity.

Wonderful World of Worthy Writers!

Real, For Reals Writers

We are, each of us, all of us, complicated, worthy people, full of brightly brilliant ideas, passionate passions, boundless potentials and infinite possibilities.

We are “Writers,” which makes us just a little bit different, special, and weird.

(In a very good way)

We each have our own personal foibles, strengths, weaknesses, levels of humanity, quirks, degrees of sanity, degrees of insanity, levels of intelligence, variances of meanness, variances of kindness, oscillating magnitudes of mood, cascades of creativity, brilliance of brevities, vacillating verbosities, and on and on…

In short we are all individuals possessing something unique that only each unique one amongst us can share.

And THAT, My Dear “Special Writer-Friends” is what makes this vocation so Magical.

And so very fulfilling and so very rewarding.


Ninety-Nine Percent of my Writing is Autobiographical.

And I know from visiting the Blogs, that most of my Fellow Writers, at the very least, Write a good deal of same.

For me, I find it healthy and cathartic.

Your mileage may vary.

But remember Socrates’ renowned statement,

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”

Content Credit: “School of Life”


Some of us have our own personal agendas.

Some of us do not.

Yet, We, each and every one of us, is worthy: Agenda Full, or Agenda Empty.

Honestly, I am fresh out (of agendas) currently, but I am shopping for one to rent.


Upon ‘Sober’ Reflection…

(Yes! I have Quit for Good, The Drinking–Having Chosen Life Over Death Because I still have years and years and years worth of shit I want, need, to write and to share.)

Yes! Upon sober reflection, I realize I DO have an agenda after all: My ‘agenda’, modest as it may appear, is to spread a little joy and deliver a bit of enrichment into the people’s lives who honor me by investing some of that most valuable, finite commodity we ALL share:


I work very diligently not to waste even one single moment of yours, because there is no such thing as a ‘Money-Back-Time-Guarantee’.

“Love It, Or We’ll Refund All Your Time Spent. With Interest. No Questions Asked! Guaranteed!”

Sorry. Don’t work that way.

Some of us are Brilliant, Talented Writers.

Some us are just getting started and may need advice from time to time. Just ask; you will most likely get an inbox overflowing full.

“So, You Want To Be A Writer?”

Street Cred for Vid: Shea, Et al.


Some of us are polished, published, poets, prose-writers, playwright professionals, some of us are copywriters, some of us are even journalists, some of us are a combination of a few or of them all.

Some of us have genetic talent.

Some of us must work harder at it.

Most of us suffer Writer’s Block from time to time:

Content Credit: “Ivan Kander”


But the fact that we are all here, grinding out word after word,

Proves our worth and our respect for our craft.

And the Fact that you are reading these words right now proves you have respect for your fellow writers in Our Wonderful Writer’s Community

I think what my ‘message’ is trying (and most likely failing) to eloquently say… is that I love the writers in my fellow writer community.

We all have worth.

(Well except for that worthless schmuck who don’t like Lenny Bruce… and Y’all know I am even just kidding on that.)

“Thank You Mask Man”

Video Share Credit: ThankYouMaskedMan1


Not Really!

Never kid About Comedy; Comedy is Serious Business!

Never Joke About Lenny; Lenny is Serious Business!

And if Y’all Think I’m a Serious Person, and not joking, I am gonna purchase you a one-way ticket to ‘The Re-Education, Never-Take-Lance-Too-Seriously Gulag Facility’, recently re-modeled and up-graded–it has running water now.

And Gulag Goulash Every Saturday Night.

–Lance, Your Humble & Worthy Servant, Who Loves, and Respects, All of ‘Y’alls’.


Bonus ‘Added Value’

Shakespeare & Marlowe:

Credit: Miramax

I Need To Write Some NEW Shite, But I’ve Got ‘Writer’s Blight/Blockage.’–‘Writer’s Constipation’ If You Will–Sir Will Shakespeare, I certainly Ain’t.

Is There An App For That?

Didn’t Think So!


Writer’s Blockage:

Cred for VID: Ivan Kander

Albert Finney – The Dresser

“Another Blank Page”



“Hey! I’m writing Here!”