If Herman Melville were trying to write ‘Moby Dick’ in 2021

“Chapter One: ‘Call me Bubba.'”

*scratches out*

“Chapter One: Call me ‘Fred’.”

*scratches out*

“Chapter One: Call Me ‘Gomer'”

*sends to social media*

“What y’all think?”

“Go kill yerself”

“Thanks. Now call me Ismael. Okay?”

“Post some fucking cute whale Tic Toks. Then we’ll talk. And next time, wear your fucking mask.”

“Okay, let me just put down this bowl and find my whale-oil lighter. BRB.”

Fucking Writers!

To Mask or Not to Mask (That is The Question)

Vid Cred: Shirley Șerban

Vid Cred: Shirley Șerban

Above Would Be Me!

If I were lost in Idiocracy


To live or not to Live

Zat is the Ques-ze-ion!
Personally, I do not mask.
(Nor do I Ask )

And I do not live in Fear!

Not My Style!

I have no Fear!

My Dear!


I Continue to live MY Life

(Such as it is)

Vid Cred: Shirley Șerban:

Brilliantly Done!
Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!


I do not mask my emotions.
I do not mask my current state (of poverty)
I do not mask my mind.

I do not mask my kind.

Why then, Oh Why?
Would I mask my face?

Not gonna Get the WuFlu

And even if I do… So What?

I do not have the WuFlu!

Fuck You if You do!

Stay Home!

Get Better!

Good Luck!

Cred: Buddy Brown


Take Your Masks Off!

Take your fucking masks off!

You are not fooling anyone!

With your False/Fake Make-Shift Bullshit!

Ride into Hell astride a great galloping White Pony!

Or sit upon a Fucking Rainbow Unicorn!

Your Option!

And try to hang on!