Great mistakes

Swerved into this in my inbox few days ago….

“Dere Lance of Texas,

I hav fond some wory in my brane last days. Woried you not hear anee more. No rightings on you blogg, texas tails. Hopink you not ded. If yu ar, pls let me kno, of not, plese igno an I will chek bak for mor posits from yu.

Yer no 1 fren and reeder, Jim bo bob

-Wataska, Tx july 2015.

PS Mavis and them kids doin grate. Thak you.”


For any readers I have left here, rest assured I will address this issue from Jim bo bob in a timely fashion.

Thank you,


6 thoughts on “Rumors

  1. Thank you Mad Annie; so happy to realize there is more to internet and blogs than me watching reruns of “Interstellar” and trying to figger out… “Now…wait…how is this…science???”
    Nothing but love for you Annie, and I do promise….well, strike that, will endeavor…
    And stray-tuned: I have some ‘reely’ inappropriate…stuff…on deck.

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