My ‘Face-Time’ With Google. Y’all Don’t Wanna Miss This. I will Expand Upon It. Just As Soon As It Swoons–

UPDATE! 12/10/2021 1926hrs:

I Shall NOT Enlarge This Post:

Google is NOT Worth My Time.

Sorry–Maybe Later,

When They Truly, For Really,


I am done w/Google

But they own My life!

What to do?




This Bread Is Dead: It Falls Apart Every Time I Even Look At It

The Tuna Fish Song:

Cred: fretkillrlives

I Just Wanted A Tuna-Mish Sammich

Oh Hell No Cowboy!

Not So Fast!


Took Me Five Minuets Just to Open the GD Can

Things Went Down-Hill From There.

As You May Well Imagine–

And If You Know Me:

You Can Well Imagine

Yes. We Are Living The Clown-World Dream; Know What I Mean?–1984–What For? Have We Learned Nothing? “Lance, Lance! Lanceee! Don’t Shit Where You Eat” You’ll Have To Scrool Down

(My Tummy Hurts Again–Suddenly I Caint ‘Fix’Me) Hospital-Time?


I They HATE Me–

But I Have I Have ‘Frequent-Flyer-Miles’


Or Are We Just


As Alice–Falling Down ‘The Rabbit Hole’?

Or Are We ‘Performing’ Evolution in Reverse Order?

“Go Ask Alice–I Think She’ll Know

Jefferson Airplane -White Rabbit

When The White Knight Is Talking Backwards…

Cred For Share: dustasdu

What For?

Just For Fun?

See How Deep We May Fall Down Into The Rabbit Hole?


1984 Apple’s Macintosh Commercial”

Cred For Vid Share: Mac History


Manipulated By ‘The Social-Media Man’

Led By Fox & CNN & MSDNC.


When Does 1984 Look Like 1984?


“Don’t Think–Just Follow OUR Rules”–

Too Many of MY ‘Good Posts’ Have Been Removed–

By Word-Depressed.



I Violated Word-Press ‘Community ‘Standards’

Give Me A Fukkin’ Break!

And While I Am ‘on Break’…

WP, Go Fu*K Yerself

Use This

Helpful Hint From Heloise:

Selective focus crown of thorns on a Texas Hill Country fence post with a field and trees in the background

“You’ll Be Fine, or Fined–Cease and Desist”

“You Don’t Get to Choose. We Do That for You”


Nineteen Eighty-Four – The Crime of Thought

The ‘Crime’ of ‘Thought Think’ as Opposed To ‘Woke Think’:

“We Can ‘Cancel’ You–Permanent.”

“At Any Whimsical Minute

“Go Ahead–Don’t do me no Favors”

Street Cred For Vid: Adam Eschborn


Thank Baby Hey-Zeus I Somehow Manage To Retain / Sustain

My Sense-of-Humor

But it is a Balancing Act–Tenuous At Best

Joker–Send in the Clowns

A ‘Must Watch’

Brilliant Montage


A Very Misunderstood Man

And Cast Away into The Flotsam & Jettisoned Travesty

That Is ‘Life’ In Our Twentieth Century

Street Cred: Paragon Kelvin (And Frank Sinatra)


Street Cred: Salty Man


“Lance! This Ain’t FACEBOOK–Stop Shit-Posting Shit”

“I nuked My FACEBOOK Account”

“Oh I didn’t Know”

“Search for ‘me’ On FB–You Will Not ‘Find’ Me There”

Cred: “The Church of ‘Fuk You”

“Don’t Shit Where You Eat

I’ll Get Back To This,

But First I Need To Try To Take A Piss–

Wish Me Luck

Most of My Shit Today is Lazy Writing: Stream of Consciousness Writing. Bullshit Incoherent ‘Writing’ Bull-Shite Writing. Anyone can do That. I want more out of me.

What I ‘write’ today is half-assed, not thought-out, poorly constructed bullshit.

I hate me

Yet, I sailor on

Still The Fukking Same

Bob Seger – Still The Same

I despise me.

Stream of consciousness can be good (Taken in small dosages)


It is not real writing


‘Tis Not

I used to be able to write good shite.

Not so much these daze.

Now I just throw a bunch of words into a blender, let it run for a bit and then pour them all over my post

Frog In A Blender–Joe Cartoon



I have so many great non-fiction stories hidden in my back pocket–just gotta dig ’em out. Shit! I am afraid of them. I have lost my mojo–no shit Sherlock

Word to some wise: Do Not delve too deeply into your memories.

Most of them are bad


I Need my missing-in-action Muse

Melanie Martinez – Pity Party

Tea & Sympathy–Janis Ian

Re-Postin’ Shite Just To Keep My Mind Right & Myself Amused. Please Ignore

Yes! I am a Vain Idiot!

I’m dizzy

My keyboard is blurry

Thank God I know how to ‘touch type’

(Proof-Reading is Problematical However)

Tom Waits for no Man!

I Have So Much Many More Much Things Left To Say. But Not Today. Too Drunk Right Meow.

Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

My Favorite Movie Of All Time

Hits So Very Close To My My Home…

All Alone

“We’re gonna let you go. Okay?”

I Drink Alone – George Thorogood and the Destroyers

I am drunk beyond repair / despair

Someone dial 911

(And I Caint Find My Telephone)

But I Am Too Drunk Right Now.

To even try.