I Wish to EXPAND Upon This. And I Shall. Immediately After I Come Out Of My Self-Induced Coma.

I Am Nuts, But I Have FINALLY Discovered Someone Even More Bat-Shit Cray-Cray-Crazy-Nuts Than Me.

Aubrey Plaza!

Ah! If I were 100 Years Younger!

I Would ‘Have’ Her!

Probably Not.

But it is a Pleasant Fiction.

I often lie awake at night, thinking about Aubrey


(This is a FAMILY-Friendly Blog–Get Yer Mind Outta That Gutter!)

I often lie awake thinking of her.

And I do often ponder:

“Is She For Real? If I ever met her, would she be Aubrey?”



SHE IS Aubrey.

Exactly as Advertised.

She is For REAL!


Aubrey Makes Me Happy!

She Makes Me Happy–

She Enriches MY Life

Makes Me Realize…

I Am Not All Alone In This World After-All.

I Am Just a Wee-Bit Off-Center

“Three Bubbles Off Plumb”

As Molly Ivins Used to say

And I Am Good With That


Yes! This Post Is All Fukked-Up–

Because I Am Stupid & Caint Edit For Shit

Aubrey Plaza!

I love her.
She is insane

(In That Good Way)

MS Muse sez, “Lance! You Love Anything that wears a skirt!”

“Not True” Lance says. “I don’t much care for The Irish.”


Funny How it has taken me so long to swerve into her…

(Obviously I Need to get Out More)
But I am here now.

Wholly On-Board with her quirkiness and her cray-cray
‘Better late Than Never’ I suppose.

“Lucky for you Aubrey that I am an old Fuk, Otherwise, I would be stalking you.”
With a Heart-felt and Relentless Passion

Fuk It: I’m Drunk. Just Keep Shootin’ Me. In The Head. Until I’m Dead. Officially Pronounced Properly Dead.”Uncle Earl of Louisiana” Ah Hoy! Just Strolling’ Down My ‘Mamory’ Lame Game

Hi Kids!

Today’s Daily Lenny is about Uncle Earl, Guv’na of the Great State of Louisiana.


Uncle Earl was nuts; that is why we loved Uncle Earl. Especially us Texans loved Uncle Earl, because he was just like our Governors: Whacked Out. Only wors’er.

Uncle Earl

Uncle Earl

Molly spoke about him:

“If Louisiana eventually elects Duke (David Duke) governor, don’t expect any sympathy from Texas.

They sent us one of their barmy governors once before—Earl Long, who was Huey’s crazy brother.

Earl finally got so bad his own family shipped him off to a nuthouse in Galveston. We kept him for six weeks and then let him go; he looked like a perfectly normal governor to us.”

From: Molly Ivins Can’t Say That, Can She?

Hereeee’s Lenny! Listen to the Audio: (It will all make sense if you do)

Uncle Earl Below:

Lenny Bruce



 Once Again…

I throw this in (I already  paid for it)

Why NOT?

Too tired…but y’all know the thrill drilll… more lenny here:


Molly on H. Ross Perot: A Repost

Watch the vid.


Nuff said

We love You Molly!

You Texan Bitch!

“There’ a lot to like there”

There’s a lot to NOT LIKE Here: (And I mean Falwell–Love Hitch)

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In Keeping With My ‘Texans I Adore, Respect & Admire Theme’ Of Late: Black Mollies!

Molly Ivins is a Fukken Drop Dead Beautiful, Brilliant Woman.

And Hear Ye Hear Ye!

Hear Me!

I Am a Right-Wing Republican Sayin’


Unabashedly Admitting This!

The 'Unsinkable Molly!

On LBJ, Bill Clinton, Domestic Violence, Poverty of Women,  and Some Other Gems.

Worth a watch.

And here is another short one on her formative years as a journalist:

This is a new focus for this Blog–not The Only Focus–just an additional one.

Please stay tuned for frequent new posts on this Theme.

It will probably tack back and forth all over the Texas Map (and Timeline)

Thanks Y’all

I Would Like to Give LBJ… Please Just Humor Me On This One Kids!

A pass

And, in fact: I do.

He was a Great Texan.

He, even according to Molly Ivins, was a great president.


He was sleazy.

Sleazy, like the rest of us.

This is what makes a leader for America.

You be the judge, and comment.

(Believe it or not, these taped conversations are real)

“Just put yer arm around me, We’ll take a walk”

We love Lyndon.

(Well, the thinking among us do)

Thanks if you approach this with some open mind.

And if not, Thanks Even More.

(But tell us why)

(Is this a mini rant?)


Cheers Y’all

Molly on H. Ross Perot: A Repost. I Love Molly, As All True Texans Do–But Our “Relationship” Is, Shall We Say, Rather “Complicated.”

I Adore You Molly!

You Texan Witch Bitch!

Very Complex!

(As Are All Of My Relationships With Wimmens)

Watch the vid.


Nuff said

We love You Molly!

You Texan Bitch!

“There’ a lot to like there”

There’s a lot to NOT LIKE Here: (And I mean Falwell–Love Hitch)

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