(Please Just Watch All The Videos I Stole) Great News! Bill Just Released A New Video! Now I Am In The Middle Of My Happy-Lance-Break-Dance! “The Genius That is Bill Wurtz”

History of the Entire World, I Guess:

(There’s A Bit of A Long Pause At The Beginning;

Please Be Patient Grasshopper)


“The Happy Lance Break Dance”


And Yes

You’ll Have To Scroll Down A Mite For

The Rest Of The Videos

But Use Caution:

Mites Can Be Damn Slippery, Sneaky, Stealthy Little Bastards

And Trust Me On This One Kids:

You Don’t Want A ‘Mite-Bite’ On Yer Ass



This Post Has Been Greatly Expanded

Perhaps I got ‘Slightly’ Carried Away

“I’m a huge gamer most of the time”

New! New! New!



Yet Another ‘New’ One I Failed to Notice Until Now.

‘Tis A ‘Red Letter Day’ For me

“Life’s Simple Pleasures”

It Doesn’t Take Much To Make Me Happy These Days

I’m Scared


“Ball & Stick”

My Man Bill!

History of Bill Wurtz, I Guess | A Brief History


The Brilliance That is Bill Wurtz:


I posted this on my Facebook Page.

(Ed. Note: I Nuked My Face-Dork Account Months Ago)

For my Friends to Enjoy, but

It may have been over Some of their Heads.

(Or maybe no one has time anymore to invest in watching something of quality—twenty second sound bites is what they want…)

Now, I am not being arrogant.

Nor pompous.

Ok, maybe just a little bit pompous,


Personally I have the attention Span of a Drunk Gnat


Am ‘Mostly’ Harmless



Some things are Worth the Time Invested.

“If the World Doesn’t End”

“More Than A Dream”


“History of the Entire World”

(I Guess)

La Crème de la crème:


Long Pause in This One.

Be Patient.

I Think Bill Did it For

‘Creative Effect’

Or Perhaps As A Test of Your

Attention Span

And Undying Need For

‘Instant Gratification’

I know ‘Cause I’m The

Worst ‘Instant Gratification Culprit’ I know

“Uh…. I have posted some of this man’s work before…

But no one ‘watched’ (Uhhhh, Their FB Loss)

Watch this one. It is for ‘thinking’ peeps (as are the others)

(Some ‘Good-Natured’ Profanity)


I try to ‘share’ things that are thought provoking and relevant and entertaining.

But, what the hell, right? You can only beat a dead horse so long before it falls apart and becomes disgusting.


I shoot high.

Sometimes I shoot low.

Sometimes I hit.

Sometimes I miss.

But I always shoot.

From The Hip

And always with good intent.

Never malice.

I just want folks to enjoy some of the things that enrich my life.

And maybe even enrich yours.



Thank You

Drive Through


Bonus Track:

History of Japan

Bonus Bonus Track:



“Mount St. Helens is About to Blow Up”

Sorry, Couldn’t Resist.

Jimmy Buffett – ‘Volcano’ Live:


“First Day of School”


“At The Corner Store”


“Fly Around”


“Here Comes The Sun”


“I Just Did A Bad Thing”


“Wild Frolicking Adventures of Informational Education”


“Got Some Money”


“Christmas Isn’t Real”


“Slow Down”


“Soap Tips”


When I Get Older”


“Maybe I Could Eat Blades of Grass”


“At The Airport Terminal”


“Long Long Long Journey


34 thoughts on “(Please Just Watch All The Videos I Stole) Great News! Bill Just Released A New Video! Now I Am In The Middle Of My Happy-Lance-Break-Dance! “The Genius That is Bill Wurtz”

  1. Confession Time:
    I steal/Lift too much shit from the INTERNET.

    Very large ‘If”

    If I ever have an original thought… Y’all will the first to know.

    Thank you;
    Drive thru…

  2. Where was that Buffet vid filmed? When I lived in Tokyo I wore out Feeding Frenzy CD during late night homesick drinking sessions.

  3. I don’t give-a-shit what the lame-ass critics say:

    I LOVE This ‘Stupid’ Movie.
    And I love ‘Brookie’ Shields.
    I told this to my best-friend, Bart.
    He said, “Her name is ‘Brooke,’ not ‘Brookie”
    I said, “Her Name was Brookie when she made the movie. She was just fourteen. Go to fuk yerself!”

    “Lance, you’re a moron and a hopeless romantic.”

    Fuk You! And Don’t ever rain on my Parade again–I WILL KICK YOUR ASS!”


    The Blue Lagoon Official® Trailer HD:

  4. DFWSteve

    It would be neigh onto impossible for me to agree with you any more than I already Do!

    I miss them
    “Good Ol’ Hazy-Daze”

  5. Time to re-open The Pub in Commerce. Or The Showdown. No capable drinker should ever be relegated to a shittily run bar at a Chiklis or Applebies or at any hotel. It must be a ‘bar” bar.

  6. Bagdad? I ain’t never been thar’. Been to La-doan-ya. Saigon. Peru. TLV. Heaven. Hell. an’ a few other places in between. Might head to Bagdad soon. Got a good recommendation for a bar?

  7. There are 15 thousand copies of the Bill O’Really? Clip Embedded in this Post.
    Guess What?

  8. WordPress Is FUCKING STUPID!


  9. “Ironic” Is A Much-Abused Word.
    Most Idiots Know NOT The Proper Meaning of the Word.

  10. Hahahaha!
    I ‘Liked’
    My Own Post
    (Some-Bootie Has To!)
    Isn’t it Ironic?

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