Make It Stop! Make it Stop! MAKE IT STOP!! Jesus Christ On-a-Cracker! Please Make It Stop!

“This is a Rant. Please Do NOT Read. It is Only For me: Venting. Spewing. Pontificating. Bitching, Moaning, & Complaining.” (But On-The-Record)

Stop saying stupid things…

“Take a Listen.

Jordan Peterson

Far More Eloquent Than I–Er—Me.:

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The Truth Why Stupid People Think They’re Smart:

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“Take a listen.”


Fuck does that mean???

Broadcast news always says, “Take a listen”

Take it where?

Put it where?

In my pocket??

How ’bout this:

I will ‘take’ this ‘listen’, put it in my pocket. Then I will pull it out of my pocket and shove it straight up your ass. Now YOU take it!

How’s that?

How’s it Feel?

How’d That Work Out for Ya?


Economy of language!

Now I’ll be the first to admit, I am more verbose than the average mo’fo’ you may encounter, but, but… I at least try to be original.

When did we get so stupid???

“Stupid People”

Cred: George

How about this:

“Here is a video report. Listen to it. Watch it.

If you want

Or Not.”


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Can we stop saying ‘take a listen’?

By Valerie StraussJanuary 24, 2016

If you listen to the news — pretty much any channel — it is likely that it won’t take more than a few minutes for you to hear someone say “take a listen” and then go to some video. I know it’s hardly one of the world’s big (or even little) problems, and it’s hardly a new one, but I cringe when I hear it. I’m not the only one.

The authors of the great Grammarphobia blog have been on this since 2008, and following is the post they wrote then, and updated on Saturday, Jan. 23 (which I am republishing with permission). They are Patricia T. O’Conner and Stewart Kellerman, who between them have written five books about the English language and have more than half a century of experience as writers and editors.

They include “Woe Is I: The Grammarphobe’s Guide to Better English in Plain English” (O’Conner), “Origins of the Specious: Myths and Misconceptions of the English Language” (O’Connor and Kellerman), and “You Send Me: Getting It Right When You Write Online” (O’Connor and Kellerman).

O’Conner spent 15 years at the New York Times mostly editing at the Book Review but also writing articles and book reviews. She also wrote The Times’s weekly columns on new video releases and paperback books. Kellerman, a foreign correspondent at United Press International, took over that column at the Times, where he worked as an editor, wrote articles on literary subjects and reviewed books.

From the Grammarphobia blog:Q: On CNN, all the anchors use the expression “take a listen” instead of just “listen” or “listen to this.”

Does that sound as caustic to you as it does to me?A: We don’t know about caustic, but it certainly sounds puffed up, condescending, and lame. We could go on, but let us quote from the entry for this “infantile phrase” in The Dimwit’s Dictionary (2d ed.), by Robert Hartwell Fiske:“As inane as it is insulting, have (take) a listen obviously says nothing that listen alone does not. Journalists and media personalities who use this offensive phrase ought to be silenced; businesspeople, dismissed; public officials, pilloried.”Unfortunately, this horse is out of the barn. We just googled “take a listen” and got 725,000 hits.

The expression hasn’t made it yet into modern dictionaries, but The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (5th ed.) and Cambridge Dictionaries Online include examples of somewhat similar usages.Here’s the American Heritage example: “Would you like to give the CD a listen before buying it?”And this is the example from Cambridge Dictionaries:

“Have a listen to this!”The word “listen,” by the way, has been used as a noun for centuries in expressions like “to be on the listen” or “to have a proper listen.”In fact, the earliest citation in the Oxford English Dictionary for “listen” as a noun dates from the 1300s. In an apparent reference to becoming deaf or hard of hearing, the writer wonders if someone “has losed the lysten.”

Did I ACTUALLY WRITE THIS SHITE?! Someone, Anyone! Please Put Me Away Hahaha! ‘Insanity’ is Such A Lonely / Lovely Word–As is “Honesty” Lonely…

Try to find just one good honest man these days.

You’ll Go Insane With the ‘Looking’


This One, This Is

‘Lance-A-Lot’ Flew Over The Coo-Coo’s Nest.

Please Enjoy Or At Least,

Try Not To Cry

(I, personally, can never make it to the end of the movie because

I know how it sadly ends.

And, of course I had read the book

(Y’all Just Know I Have)

Far Too many times

Street Cred: Thug Notes


They’re Coming To Take Me Away. HAHA!

Weird-Press Cannot Keep Up With The Pace of My Mind.

I’m Shocked!


Oh! And by-the-way,

I’d Prefer A Rubber-Room With A View–

Too Much to Ask?

Never mind!

And Yes! I have been to Italy



I Desired This At-The-Top

But Guess What?

FU WordAPress!


Oh! Scr’w It! I Tried!

I got so stupid drunk on stupid drunk this morning,

I Actually Forgot My Name

Had to refer to my driver’s licence–

Just to try to out to Figger Out Who I Was

Please Calgone!

Take Me Away!

I’ll Pay!

They’re Coming–I Can Smell Their Apprehension.

Going into Battle and all that jazz.

Just tryin’ to remember who the fuk I was supposed to fukken be.

Went to the hospital,

They Reminded Me Of who I was supposed to be not.

Then deep depression struck me…

Over that sudden realization

So I tried to remember

That Day in September…

Tenth, But I Cannot Re-Call,

Even Though I am Fairly Certain I Was There…

When I Was born

Into this Gog-For-Saken World

I said,

“I don’t wanna be that guy”

They said

“Sorry Asshole: this is who you be”…

They had proof

see below

C’est Moi!

Drunken Sailer – Irish Rovers

“Put Him In-A-Long-Boat ‘Til He’s Sober.”

Good Luck With That!

I just wanna go home

So Leave me the fu*k alone!


I Fukken Hate ’em!

nOT THE pEEPS. Just The Concept

“Insanity” Is Just A Scare Word. It’s Only A State of Lost Mind. Please Read This. If Only To Merely Validate The Current Condition of My Condition. Or, “Eight Miles Out Of Memphis And I Got No Spare”

“Just Dropped In…”

The ‘Current State of the ‘Dude’

And, Actually,

This is a Rare ‘Good’ Photo.

Most Days,

I Look Much Worser

Sad commentary, ain’t it?

My Legs don’t Work. My Thorax Don’t Work.

My Mind Don’t Work

My Liver Has Departed for Destinations Un-Known.

My Muse Came Home Just Long Enuff to tell me to Fuk Off.

My Life is Gonna End Soon.



“I Saw So Much, I Broke My Mind”

And Yes!

I Have Been ‘Round The Whurl.


Seen Some Shit Even I Won’t Write About.

And I have a Propensity to Write Ever’Thang.

But There are Things and There are Things, And out of Respect,

I Shall Not ‘Touch’ Them with Pen,

Virtual, or Otherwise.


Nightcore – iNSaNiTY

“Me NO Alamo”

I Wasn’t There.

Of Course I Could Be Wrong…

I May Have Slept Thru It

(As Unlikely As That May Be, It Is, I Suppose, Within The Realm Of Possibility)

Here is what I eat lately:

Time for a change?

Most likely


“Dreams Unwind; Love’s a State of Mind.”

(Thanks Stevie)

Stevie Girl, I Shall Rally… Just one more Time–Not for You Though,

But For Christine…



Bonus Added Value:

I Love New York City


Don’t tell Any Texans You May Know

It Won’t Be Nothin’ Nice

They’ll Clip My Wings

And Throw me UNDER The Alamo

Mum’s The Word


Our Little Secret

Billy Joel – New York State Of Mind 

Yes! ‘The Asshole Boy Is Back In Commerce-Town’ Or ‘How I Spent My Summer Vacation.’ Obviously This Will Be Another WIPID–‘Work In Progress–I Digress.’

Author’s Moron Ed. Note: This Post is in Serious Need of

An Edit Enema

So… Check Back Early & Often.

I Tend To ‘Edit-As-I Go’–Horrible ‘Writer’s Bad Habit’

Be There A ‘Glen Oaks’ For That?

Naw. I Will Never Find ‘Help’ For My Bad Writing

Mais, Bonne Chance Mes Amis, et ‘Me’

The Boy Is Back In Town

(Best To Hide Yer Daughters)

Street Cred: Thin Lizzy Official


So… Check Back Early & Often.

I Tend To ‘Edit-As-I Go’–Horrible ‘Writer’s Bad Habit’

Be There A ‘Glen Oaks For That?

Naw. I Will Never Find ‘Help’ For My Bad Writing

Et Bonne Chance, Mes Amis


I Am Frantically Trying to Accurately And Honestly Recount My Recent Events As Fast As I Can: While They Are Still Fresh & Alive & Bubbling In My Mind.

Bare With Me. And Please Stay Tuned!

And Y’all Already Know By Now…

This is a ‘Rough Draft’

(Ain’t They All?)


DT’S Comin’ On Soon–Monsoon!

Glen Oaks, Take Two, Three, Four, More?

At This Point, I Have Lost Count, Or…

A Sailor/Texan Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest-

Once More


One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

“In My Dreams At Least I Don’t Die”

Thank God I Have ‘Frequent Flyer Miles’ W/Them:

“Glen Oaks Loony Toons Hospital”

They Know Me There,

But Never in That

‘Biblical Sense’–


Damn The Rotten Luck!

I Had a Major CRUSH On A ‘Thirty-Something’

Brilliantly Wicked-Smart,

Beautiful Young Lady

Yes! She Knows Who She Is, But You ‘Casual Readers’

Will NEVER Know–Ever! Not Ever!

Happily Married “Girl”

99.99 Percent of Y’all Will Never Deserve to know.

Jes Sayin’


“Outside The sun is up and The Wind Blows me like a paper cup,

Down the High-way”

Here is My Stolen Song for Her:

i.e., I was almost old enough to be her grandfather!

(Story-of-my-Life: Always just a little too late)

Have I used this ‘line’ before?

Note to self: ‘Move this BS Line UP a few lines



Anyway, It Fits

For you see, I just Recently Checked in


To Discover what my current condition was in


“Gutter Balls”

For You See,

I Was Never Worth A Shit At Understanding The Lame Game

And Even If I Did,

I’M Shit At Bowling.

I Think I Do Not Quite Understand the Physics


The Game



I always meet the most fascinating, interesting folks in Re-Hab

P.S. This Time I Met ‘Medusa

And King Kong

And A Real Cowboy

And A Native-American Meth Head

with three, count ’em, Three ‘Baby Mamas

And BTW, when did ‘Baby-Mama’ become a ‘thing?’

I am so far behind the times…

Anyway, I loved them ALL

And I Shall Expand Upon

This ‘Cast-Of-Caricatures’,


That is Bullshit Writing From Me!

They Are ALL Real/Decent/Wonderful/Intelligent People

NEVER Caricatures!

And I Shall Carry Them All Around in M hip Pocket

Until The Day I Die


Even If It Hare-Lips The Pope


To Any Left Out There in Glen Oaks ‘Radio-Land’ Who May Still Give-A-Shit:

I Found My ‘Mouse-House’ Just as I Had Left It:

A Crime Aghast Nature!

(But At Least it was Still My House)

“And A Very-Very Fine Mouse House”

And if You Evah Think I Take LIFE Too Seriously,

Ponder This One Y’all:

My Head Hurts. My Feet Stink. And I Don’t Love Jesus. Someone, Anyone, Please Save Me. From Being Me. (& From Being An All Alone Asshole!) Yeah, I Know: Fukkin’ Pipe Dreams! “Come On Y’all, Get Yer Freak On!”– Pussy Cat Dolls

Doncha Wish Your Girlfriend Was A


Like Me?


Oh Hell Yeah I Do!

My Girlfriend Attends Church.

Pretty Sure Y’all Do Not.

I Mean, If’n Y’all Did, You Would NOT Be Here!

Thank God!

(No pun intended)

The Pussycat Dolls

“Ladies Disaster”

Terminally Related: and a Retarded Re-Tread


This Be A Lame-Ass

Pity-Party Post

But I’ll Cry If I Want To

(You Have Been Properly Advised)


Loneliness is a Bitch I Can’t Stand!

Don’t Wanna Live With Her!

Can’t Live Without Her

No Mas!

Gonna Toss Her Out!

But When It Comes Right Down To it:

“We Walk Through This World All Alone”


Fuck You Jimmy Buff[-Aye!

What The Fu*k is WRONG  With Me?

I should be GRATEFUL 

For Just still walkin’ about, breathing air.

Still Standin’ Here

Still Standing, But all alone…

But yes! We’re All of us… All ALONE

Lenny! My Main Man!

All Alone!

Rita Rita R-I-T-Ahhh!!!

I ain’t! Grateful

Why not?

Because I am an asshole!

That’s Why


“Lance! You’re an Asshole!”

“No Shit? Got any more Breaking News?”


I suppose I expected more out of my life than this.


I have coin in my purse.

I gots my health (such as it is)

I have not yet run outta booze

What’s not to be thankful for?

I’ll get back to Y’all on this emotional crisis I am experiencing


And Just Be Thankful for what you’ve got


That’s all!

Bye Now!


On The House

(Yer Welcome!)


Not At All Germane To This Post

But Soon it Will Be

When I Get My Eviction Notice

No Phone, No Pool, No Pets.
I Ain’t Got No Cigarettes


Stupid Fun Fact:

My Best-Ever HG Girlfriend was third cousin to Roger Miller..


But Y’all caint look that up–guess you’ll just havta take my word on it.

I Am So Tired of Tryin’ To Survive–Stay Alive…Clowns, We All Are… And, Yes! I Have Been To Petra. And, Hell Yes! I Am A Sailor! I Fear Nothing! (Except NAVY Chow)

Dun Been ‘Round The Whirl…

More Than Once,

Actually, More Than Twice… Surprised?

You Should Not Be!

Yeah! I Have Been Around The Fucking World.


So What?!

No One Gives A Shit.

“Feels nice, to be home for awhile

(Where The Fuk is Home? I Have Never Had Such A Thing,

Nor A Concept)

I AM A Fuckin’ Sailor!

Let’s sip champagne till we break into smiles
We’ll go dancin’, romancin’
‘Cause you’re the reason…

I Survived (survived), stayed alive
Through the thick and the thin
Survive, stay alive
Where will it all end?

And Please Do Not answer That: I Already Know—

It Will End When I’m Dead.

Cred: Jimmy



Cred For Vid? I May get Back To You On That–Maybe Not!

Great Video, Though!