“Insanity” Is Just A Scare Word. It’s Only A State of Lost Mind. Please Read This. If Only To Merely Validate The Current Condition of My Condition. Or, “Eight Miles Out Of Memphis And I Got No Spare”

“Just Dropped In…”

The ‘Current State of the ‘Dude’

And, Actually,

This is a Rare ‘Good’ Photo.

Most Days,

I Look Much Worser

Sad commentary, ain’t it?

My Legs don’t Work. My Thorax Don’t Work.

My Mind Don’t Work

My Liver Has Departed for Destinations Un-Known.

My Muse Came Home Just Long Enuff to tell me to Fuk Off.

My Life is Gonna End Soon.



“I Saw So Much, I Broke My Mind”

And Yes!

I Have Been ‘Round The Whurl.


Seen Some Shit Even I Won’t Write About.

And I have a Propensity to Write Ever’Thang.

But There are Things and There are Things, And out of Respect,

I Shall Not ‘Touch’ Them with Pen,

Virtual, or Otherwise.


Nightcore – iNSaNiTY

“Me NO Alamo”

I Wasn’t There.

Of Course I Could Be Wrong…

I May Have Slept Thru It

(As Unlikely As That May Be, It Is, I Suppose, Within The Realm Of Possibility)

Here is what I eat lately:

Time for a change?

Most likely


“Dreams Unwind; Love’s a State of Mind.”

(Thanks Stevie)

Stevie Girl, I Shall Rally… Just one more Time–Not for You Though,

But For Christine…



Bonus Added Value:

I Love New York City


Don’t tell Any Texans You May Know

It Won’t Be Nothin’ Nice

They’ll Clip My Wings

And Throw me UNDER The Alamo

Mum’s The Word


Our Little Secret

Billy Joel – New York State Of Mind