Updated/Expanded: Added A Magnificent Documentary About Israel. Profanity ALERT! I Have Very STRONG Emotions About Egypt & Israel–Israel, My Favorite Country (Aside from TEXAS That Is…)

Fun Fact: EVERY Able-Bodied Israeli Citizen Serves At Least Two Years Active Duty In The IDF–Then They’re In The Active Reserve Until They’re Sixty

The United States Could Learn A Thing or Four From Israel

(Do Not Mess With These Sabra Lady Warriors–Trust Me On This One Folks)


Israel, Birth of a Nation:

Credit For Video Share: Anna Bens



I love Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, And Afghanistan Too.

I Have Spent Far Too Many Of My Life’s Years In The Region

To Not Give-A-Shit.

I.E., I Give A Shit–And I Always Shall


Standby: More Opinion To Come From Me On This Breaking Story.




The Great Revolt & The Siege of Masada

Credit: History Time (@HistoryTime)


hava nagila hava

Cred For Share: XxMsrSzprzxX


Silent Eyes–Paul Simon:

So Iran is pissed off at Israel.

Threatening Israel.


Israel has the strongest, best military in the Mideast. They have the fiercest soldiers. They have the best technology. What you gonna do Iran? Throw camel shit against nukes?

Good fucking luck in that endeavor

As anyone who knows me, knows

I lived

I Lived There For for many, many years.

Had too many Israeli Girl-Friends Along the Way…

in that region for years. I had a flat in Tel Aviv. I KNOW these people.


They don’t mess around.

Nor do they take lightly any threats to their sovereignty

They don’t play.

Watch your Khomeini Ass


Bonus “Added Value”

I Want Another Little Jewish Princess. Just Before I Departed For Israel, Well, Actually The Sinai Desert, My Maternal Grand-Mother Felt ‘Compelled’ To Impart This Wisdom Upon Me:

“Lance, Find Yourself A Nice RICH Jewish Girl–And Marry Her.”

“Thanks Grand-Mother; I Shall Do My Very Best.”

I should NOT go HERE!

Reminiscing about my rebound lover from my living in Israel days…

After That Moroccan Bitch Gladys had dumped me,

I found a new, better girl.

Her name was ‘Ayala’

She was a Yemenite

 And she was beautiful—very, very, VERY beautiful.

First time I saw her I was smitten like a kitten.

She had very long dark hair and even darker eyes.

She was a Yemenite Jew Witch—She could turn frogs into wine.

Problem was, not too many frogs to be found in Israel.

We searched and searched

Alas. No frogs.

So just ended up purchasing wine from the store.

No shit.

And I loved her (briefly)

She was one of my for all-time best lovers.

(I should have married HER instead of some of the broads I later married)

I always smile inside when I remember her.

Song Below: Click it if you dare.

Sensitive/Not Sensitive! My Muse has Left Me. For Permanent!. She Is Returning to Olongapo City, Or Wherever-The-Fu*k She Originated ‘From’—Good Riddance!

She was always a pain in the ass anyhow.

“Bon Voyage Bitch.”

I’m fucking sensitive



(And I’d like to remain that way)

So if you are not ‘on-board’ with that, get the fuck outta my life.

Because I will wreck your train.

I will derail your ‘Vain Train.’

(I certainly have ‘derailed’ mine.)

I am a fucking “professional” at derailing trains.

Also pretty well-versed in Train-Wrecks

I will sink your fucking shit (and your ship).

I will burst yer bubble.

I will destroy your expectations and any aspirations you may have had for me.

I would not give you a dime.

But I would give you the shirt off my back.

Because I care.

About humans.

And my character flaw

Is that I am generous.

To a fault.


But In short:

I am an asshole.

(And I’d like to stay that way)

The only one forced to live with Lance is Lance.

(And of Course MS Muse)

And she ain’t  too fucking happy with her Indentured Servitude And she finally has had enuff.

But fuck her!

I paid her!


I fed her.


Never ‘bedded’ her.

(Wanted to)

I missed her before she even got into her car.

“I have done a curs’d thing.”

I don’t need to hit you over the head by dropping in the lyrics.

Pretty certain if you are HERE you appreciate SMART.

And if not.

Get the fuck off my page.

Go look for something mundane.

And have a nice fucking day.

Oh! and please be careful with me:

I’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

“She Was My Better Half–Story Of My Life!



Added Value:

Jesus H. Christ! This Post Is All-Fu*K’ed Up! Needs to Embrace The Warm Kiss of My ‘Edit Pen’–Never Happen. Not Any Time Soon–‘Lance-the-Buffoon/Baboon.

Who Will Save Your Soul?

Jewel, That’s Who

Riding back-seat around Texas as a wee Child, my eyes (and my young malleable mind) were often assaulted by Road-Signs, Bill-Boards et cetera.

One of the most prevalent is one which Proclaimed:

“Jesus Saves!”

Seeing such, I had often pondered…

“Saves? Save What?”

Green Stamps?

Late one afternoon on our way back to Winnsboro, I spied such a sign. Tapped my Maternal Grandmother on the shoulder (In the Front Shot-Gun Seat. I was in-the-back-seat as all good gran-children do)

I poked her in her shoulder and inquired, “Grandmother, does Jesus save Green Stamps?”

(Yes, I Was An Atheist, Even Way Back When)

She, Gran-Mama, Hard-Core-to-the-Core Southern Baptist, was not amused by my question.

She just turned her attention back to the road, With an annoyed ‘Humph’ escaping her mouth, and ignored me.

Graddaddy laughed a faint laugh though.

I Had Won.

See? I was an Atheist, Even Way Back Then.

HaHaHa & Ha!

Rider On The Jesus Storm


Related ’bout My Re’lat-shun-Ship With My Granddaddy:

Shoot at Me, You Sumbitch!

But, I’ll Always Have Paris

And Notra Dame

Bogie! Without Bacall. What a Shame!

Sunday is Rapidly Approaching–Relentlessly Snipping/Snapping at My Heels. Just Another Manic Sunday! I Fukk’en HATE Sundays!

Preach On My Brother!

My Life Is Too Much Filled With My Reality

Just Sayin’

“There’s Nothin’ Short ah Dyin'”


Office Space – Printer Scenes (uncensored) Intro

Die Mutha-Fu*Kah! Die Mutha-Fu*Kah! Die Mutha-Fu*Kah!


Cred For Vid: nifelhell42


Monkey Sez:

“Hey Asshole! You Keep F*cking wid me, we gonna take your Planet. Watch the F*ckin’ Movie. Talk to Chuck! He will dial you in Hot-Rod!”


I F*cking HATE Sundays



  1. Cannot buy booze
  2. No real ‘News’
  3. Nothing interesting ever happens on a Sunday
  4. I havta take a shower
  5. I have to put on “not white trash’ clothing
  6. I feel compelled to find a church to sit in bored to death
  7. I cannot speak freely–must ‘mend my speech’
  8. Yada Yada Yada Bullshit

Oh Susanna! Take Me Away!


Sunday Mournin’ Comin’ Downtown

Kris Classic Below; Don’t Be A Fool.

Clik It

Street Cred for Vid: biggestkkfan


Special Bonus Guest Star

George Carlin!


More Ref (Just for Balance)

Clik The Link

Must Re-Post Because I’m An Idiot. And a Sentimental Old Fool. “Leonard Cohen’s Muse–Suzanne Verdal, & Musing About Muses–Or, What You Will (“And you know that she’s half-crazy”–therein lies the attraction…)”

Suzanne Verdal:

Fascinatingly, Beautiful, Fantastic, Ethereal Woman.
And The Quintessential, Perfect Muse.
And this is gonna sound ‘messed up,’ but Suzanne reminds me of my Mother:
One of The ‘Original Hippy Chicks.’

My Beautiful Mother:

(Link Also Awaiting Your Perusal at the End of this Post–‘Turtle Blues.’)

No ‘New’ Prose From Me Found Here Today.

Just some very-much-worth-watching videos

If you are a ‘writer,’ that is


I Will Pen Some-New-Shit…







If you have yet to read my “Abusive Muse” Series,

you may discover the link at the bottom of this post.

Cheers Y’all!



Suzanne is….

So Wonderfully Charming.

So Charming.

So Charming.

So Charming.


A More Beautiful Song, Tribute to a Lady, I know not of.

Cohen’s Writing ‘Process.’

(I cannot Find the Original Poster of this Post to Credit—G’dammmnit)

As Promised Up Above:

My Mother–The Original Hippy Chick:

Hint: Not Really My Mother, but how she saw herself



(If you do not Appreciate My Sense of Twisted Humor, You Most-Likely took a wrong Turn at Albuquerque)


Video Credit:  ‘Joni Journey’