I Cannot Believe What Just Happened To/For Me!

I am Blessed by Good People

I was re-reading my recent post, pondering if I wanted to fuk around Anymore with it, by way of edit.

There came a faint, polite knock upon my back door.

I opened it (of course–I have no fear.)

Standing there…

Woman with a bag in her hand.

“I have all this food left over”

She handed me the bag. (Supper AND Breakfast Contained Therein! Unbelievable!)

I set it down and said

“Come here You–Don’t worry. I have had my WuFlu Fauci Ouchie.

I embraced her.

“God Bless you,” (Which is a Stretch–me the Atheist) I said “And by the way, I am no good with names. What’s your name again?” (She was one of the ones who had brought me Thanksgiving supper.)

“Latrise” she said.

“I am gonna write that down.”

I embraced her again.

She left.

I wept

Joy and happiness.

Someone cared.

Why do black women treat me so kind?

This has always been so. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why, but I love it. And I love and Respect them.

Perhaps therein lies the rub.

Respect & Respect & Respect

And Love

Al Green – Love and Happiness


jeremy zucker & chelsea cutler – you were good to me