I Did Promise Music and Laughter: I Kind of Lied (BTW: All Lives Matter)

I Beg Your Pardon…

Creds: Lynn Anderson

I actually gave this some serious thought earlier today.

And truthfully I was inspired by a post I read over yonder at


We were talking about optimism.

Well Sharon was but it got me to thinking.

(Scary, yeah.)

Anyhow, I had this post develop in my head. A post about good and bad. A post about optimism and pessimism. A post about Human Decency.

Then I promised me: I Promised me I would not post it because it might sound too preachy, but when we fall away from stating the obvious, because “it has been said too many times before,” well then we forget. And dammit! Some of us need reminding from time to time.

So, here it is:

I have spoken on ‘racism’ before.

Nothing Like a Dame

No Preacher: me.

Just a schmuck.

But I love this movie.

Here are some links, if ya wanna read some scholarly shit:




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I’m At Least A Thousand Miles From N-Where’s–Ville. Nicce Climit! Wanna Join Me?

I’m ‘A’-Tryin’ Really Hard To Be Happy! & Up_Beat & Remain Positive! Obviously This Will Be A WIP! ‘Work-in-I Digress-Progress!’

Wish Me Luck in My Endeavor!! — And, I’m a-Tryin’ Really Hard to Entertain Y’alls! & NEVah, Evarh, Wanna Waste Yer Finite, Valuable To Me, Spent on Me. Time. This is “Me” in All Truthful Sincerity!

I’m Stupid!

I Cannot Help It

I Just Act Naturally!



Buck It Up!

Fuk It It Up!

Yuk Yuk Yuk

It Up! Fuk U

I Don’t Really Mean Mean Mean to be Mean!

But I Am An Ass-Hole,

By Natural Nature…

Why is this Vid So fucked up?

Why post a Fukked-up Vid???



Edit Asshole!

Edit B4 You Post!

Or At Least,

Revisit & Fix Your Shit!

Show Some Respect

For Your Readers!

Try it!

U Might Like it!

Cred For Vid: DangerousDonRich

“Oh My God—What’s Happening To Me?!!”

Dwight Jok’em!

I am so Fukkin’ far Removed



That I Cannot Find My Ass with Both Hands


I’ve Got Bruisings On My Memories

Ain’t That a G’Damn Shame?!

I’m a thousand miles from nowhere
Time don’t matter to me
‘Cause I’m a thousand miles from nowhere
And there’s no place I want to be

Cred: Warner Music Nashville

I Cast Pearls at At At Swine!

All The Time!

For No Dimes!


I Lub All Y’alls!

All the Y’alls!

I am So



But I Love Connie!


Do NOT Watch This One Below!

It is Depression!


(On Steroids!)


Try To….

Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive –

Bing Crosby

With The Andrews Sisters:

If It Has Escaped Your Attention:

Please allow Me To Refresh Your Memory!

I Love The Andrews Sisters!

1942 Andrews Sisters – Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree

vID cRED: Bleiddwen Lupin


Say What?!


I CANNOT FIND THE VID! I Wanted To Care & Share!

(OK! Found It! Fuk U Internet!)

I’ll Always Out-Last Your Dumb Ass!

Boogie Wookie~ Get Funky!





Creds for “Positive” Vid: beyoncetyratina



My AmeriKa!


Aw-Right Y’all!

Yuk it Up!


I did NOT Have

A White Christmas!

That Would’ve Been


I did Dream of One Though

But All I really Wanted To


Was Not Run Out of Rum

“Lord Help The Mister That Comes Between me And My Sister”


Sister Act!

The End!


In The end…

Oh yeah, all right
Are you going to be in my dreams

And in the end
The love you take

Is equal to the love you make


Yeah! In The End!

Yer Fukked!





I have Been In – Love With Natalie Wood

For All

My Adolescence




This Property Is Condemned 

(As Am I)

“Are You gonna Be In My Dreams tonight?”

Fuk Yes!


For All Of The Rest of My Un=Nat-at-yer-All Life!

Natalie! Please Always Remain In My Dreams!

My Dear Beautiful Dream Girl

My Dream Lover


You Stole My Line!


I Coulda Been a Contender!

For Her

For Her Affections!

But, Oh Hell No!

You Had To Screw That Up For Me!

(Oh & Fuk You Too Robert Redford!)


Bobby! You Can Kiss My Ass!





I Coin a Phrase,

In A Daze!

I am So Fukking Stupid!

I Should Just Fuffin’ KIll Myself!

Maybe I shall!

Do Y’all A Solid

Suicide Is Painless

It Brings On

Many Changes 


“Through early morning fog I see
Visions of the things to be
The pains that are withheld for me
realize and I can see

That Suicide is Painless!



Just to Cheer You The Fuk Up!

“Oh Happy Dagger!”

Some Day, One Day, Perhaps On A Sunday, I Will Get Over My Infatuation With Linda Ronstadt. But Not Today. Okay?

I Love Linda So Much! I Need to Shut The Fuck Up. I Never Loved Linda For Her Body; I Love Her For So Many Other More Substantial Things. Okay?


I Love Linda. She is SO Un-pretentious!

She Melts My Heart

Just Like a Wheel

A Broken, Melted One

Respectful Tribute to Linda

Hopefully Well Done!


Watch This One Immediately Below

It Will Bring a Tear to You Eye

Linda is All Class

Watch Her Reactions

“Hurts So Bad”

Linda, you know I am gonna love you.

For a long





Forever – Time

Right until I crash my dime!


The Absolute Best Drum In The History of Different Ones

Funny Thing: First time I Heard this Song, I Was Living in Fremont, CA. I think I was 9 or 10 or 11 or 12 and change, Don’t Matter None.. I did not know, how could I have known? had no way to know, how much Linda would shape my future world….

Linda from day one, always wore them Gawd-Awful Hoop Ear Rings, Why?


Most Likely


It works for me!

And For Her Too I suppose–I Mean, I am writing about them earrings, ain’t I?


Silver Threads Holding Me Together

Linda, I have always Adored YouL

Linda , All of Yer Music is warmed over shit,

But I do love shit.warm”d over

“Faithless Love”

Lay Down Next To Me

Just for a Moment

Then My Life Will be Complete

And I can die in happiness and peace

With your memory as my last memory of happy

I’m getting too emotional over this.

I need to stop.

But, I’ll continue



Right Sentiment

Wrong Linda

But thank you Paul

All Lindas are Awesome(Except for the Ones What Broke My Heart)

(In my personal life experiences anyhow)

“La La La La Lovely Linda”



And Mandys are dandy too!

Hem-Haw! Y’all!

“Woolworth Rhinestone Diamond Earrings

And a Sideways Glance”

Greatest lyric in the History of lyrics

“The way into understanding him is through the relationships with women in his life.”

— Lynn Novick

“I can’t imagine how toxic it must have been to have been around him.”

-Ken  Burns.

“I can easily imagine it.”

Lance Marcom

“All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.”


“I could only care about people a very few at a time.”


“Wherever he was. Whatever he was doing. Alcohol fueled everything.”

–Ken Burns.

“I have been drunk since I was fifteen and few things have given me more pleasure.”



She shot very well this good, this rich bitch, this kindly caretaker and destroyer of his talent. Nonsense. He had destroyed his talent himself. Why should he blame this woman because she kept him well? He had destroyed his talent by not using it, by betrayals of himself and what he believed in, by drinking so much that he blunted the edge of his perceptions, by laziness, by sloth, and by snobbery, by pride and by prejudice, by hook and by crook.

What was this? A catalogue of old books? What was his talent anyway? It was a talent all right but instead of using it, he had traded on it. It was never what he had done, but always what he could do. And he had chosen to make his living with something else instead of a pen or a pencil.

It was strange, too, wasn’t it, that when he fell in love with another woman, that woman should always have more money than the last one? But when he no longer was in love, when he was only lying, as to this woman, now, who had the most money of all, who had all the money there was, who had had a husband and children, who had taken lovers and been dissatisfied with them, and who loved him dearly as a writer, as a man, as a companion and as a proud possession; it was strange that when he did not love her at all and was lying, that he should be able to give her more for her money than when he had really loved.

–“The Snows of Kilimanjaro”


It was now about three o‟clock in the morning and Francis Macomber,
who had been asleep a little while after he had stopped thinking about
the lion, wakened and then slept again, woke suddenly, frightened in a
dream of the bloody-headed lion standing over him, and listening while
his heart pounded, he realized that his wife was not in the other cot in
the tent. He lay awake with the knowledge of two hours.

At the end of that time his wife came into the tent, lifted her mosquito
bar and crawled cozily into bed.

“Where have you been?” Macomber asked in the darkness.
“Hello,” she said. “Are you awake?”
“Where have you been?”
“I just went out to get a breath of air.”
“You did, like hell.”
“What do you want me to say, darling?”
“Where have you been?”
“Out to get a breath of air.”
“That‟s a new name for it. You are a bitch.”
“Well, you‟re coward.”
“All right,” he said. “What of it?”

–“The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber


“I would rather have one honest enemy than most of the friends I have known.”


Watch this Below!

Dammit! Just Fuckin’ Do it!

Was Ernest Hemingway a Misogynist? 


He Wern’t

Fuckin’ Sneeze Louise

I am an Idiot/Accident

Goin’ Somewhere to Happen

But I’ve Got Three More Bottles of Whine

So Screw You!

I Love Emmy-Lou


This is the BEST Vid in the History of Vid