Julie and Julia

This is one of the most charming movies from ‘semi recent’ times.

It works on all levels. It is a delight to watch.

P.S. I love Amy Adams. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

(Meryl Streep ain’t no slouch neither)

And of course, this movie is all about ‘writing’ which hits so close to home for me, your humble servant.

“I can write a blog. I have thoughts.”–Julie

Added Value:

The Real Julie Powell (Clik the link linked in below.)

And of course, She is a Native TEXAN

(Born in Austin)

Which makes her even more magical for me.


Ending song for this wonderfully, brilliantly done movie.

Everything works in this film

It is perfection

More IN the Continuing Saga of My Abusive Muse

(Video Share Credit: Boston 4 Evaa)

Muse returns from her brief sojourn to Waco to see another ‘client.’

(Apparently She was prepared to try witchcraft on me now–she had ‘tried’ reason–logic–chastisement–nothing seemed to be working. So now, Witchcraft. Good Luck with that, Muse.)

“What have you been doing?” She enquires. “Working On Rhonda-Whatever-The-Fuck Chapter it is supposed to be?”


“Yeah, I can see that. And Shitposting On Facebook. Saw that too.”

“I just been ‘pondering’, working up to it.”

“Lance, you are useless. And you are late with my fee. Pay the fuck up.”

“You take expired/maxx’d out credit cards?”

“Go fuck yourself” she said. “Cash only.. I am gonna cast a spell on you. Stand still.”

More Muse found Here

And here

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(Credit: Dating Beyond Borders)

All the beautiful women still left in California who haven’t yet moved to Texas are just busily packing their bags.

(Give them some time—they are on their way)

But they gonna have a lot of competition:

We have indigenous beautiful women here.

You Cali-Girls don’t stand a chance.

Because God Blessed Texas Women, Not You.

Not You.

Git over it!

And stay away from my Republic of Texas.

We neither want nor need you.

Try Portland.

Or Seattle.

I hear they are hard-up for pretty women–fresh out.

Yet One More Wonderful Texan Woman: Jackie Venson. Austin Born and Raised

“Lose your imagination, lose your mind.”
Too true.

And of course, Tanya (Seminole, Texas)

Tanya grew infamous for her propensity to get drunk and dance on tables.

Not really ‘Lady-Like.’

This is why I LOVE Her!

Un-filtered, unashamed, unabashed pure Texan Gal!

And yes, there are SO MANY MORE.

But I am running out of virtual ink in my virtual pen


A Little added value:

Video credit: patgree

Credit: Jon Wolfe

More related stupid shit from my feeble mind:

“Anybody got a match?”

“Anybody got a match?”
Yeah, I got a match:
Bogie and Bacall.

I have ‘swerved’ once more into Lauren ‘Bacal’ (Jewish spelling of her name before Hollywood COERCED her into changing it) and Bogie whirlwind of late.

Video credit: HollywoodClassics33 Returns

Great article. link below:


UBH: Cast of Caricatures

  1. Sal (Hispanic Marine) Gift of Gab and Excellent Sense of Humor “Sadder than a Midget with a Yo-yo.” His quote. Not mine.

  2. Lydia (Old and Gray and Grizzled Broad—but wonderful)

  3. Michael (Big dude. ‘Bout thirty stone.) We called him “Pete”—not sure why

  4. Christine (Bat – shit crazy. And obnoxious. And a bitch–but just for one day. Then she found politeness. And then fit right in with our “in-crowd.”)

  5. Jacob— Junkie—young junkie—Always wearing a Nirvana T-Shirt–nuff said.

  6. Phil—Texan—issues he had—showed up drunk Day One and checked himself in. Not sure how that works, but whatever.

  7. Nino (My ‘Roommate’) Did not like him, but he was there, so, what ever-the fuck-ever.

  8. Kelsey (my favorite ‘broken’ one’—loved her) “Take the Mary Poppins Unbrella and fly the fuck out of town.”

  9. And of course, Yannah… “T” I mean, “Ethel, the Pirate’s Daughter.” And cheater at Black Jack (and life in general)

No doxing here.


Too late.

This “Story” is going somewhere.

I just need to line up the cast and crew.

Stand by…

But one last quote from Sal:

“Kids are like little drunk Midgets.”

I promised him I would steal that quote.

Now I have.

Promise fulfilled.

P.S. This piece was more fun to write than it will ever be fun to read.

You realize you have a problem when you laugh at your own jokes.

“Time to seek council Son.”

“I heard you were a drunkard’s drunkard.”

“Never when I’m working!”

“Give me my sin again.”

“You kiss by-the-book.”



And yes! My mind has departed for destinations unknown

Abusive Muse–Act Three and a Half–Interlude.

I returned to my keyboard and typed:

“Dear Helen, I am so very sorry.”

Announced to Muse:

“Okay. Done.”

She came over, read what I had written.

“That’s it?”

“Yeah. Succinct. Perfection.”

She grasped me by my hand…

“Come sit down with me on the Nasty Couch for a moment.”

“Uh… Okay.”

“Lance, I am your Muse. And I will love you for all time. And Believe me: I have time. Back in that day when William S. was struggling… I hooked him up. Back When Coleridge had that Albatross about his neck, I hooked him up. Back when Sam Clemens had no pot to piss in, I hooked him up. But you! You!  YOU WEAR ME OUT!”

As we were sitting there, me gazing into her eyes, she glaring at mine…

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Someone was pounding at my door.

“UPS?” Muse asked.

“No” I said. “Delirium Tremens Man. Right on schedule.”

“Stay put; I’ll handle this,” she said as she thrust her tiny self against the door and screamed, “Fuck Off! This is MY TIME With Lance!”

I could barely hear the faint sound of shuffling footsteps as he skulked away.

Muse sat back down on the couch.

“Now, where were we?”

“Darling, I have no idea, but you seem to be in charge. Please don’t hurt me.”

Chap Two Found here