History of The Entire World–The Genius That is Bill Wurtz

The Genius That is Bill Wurtz.

I posted this on my Facebook Page.

For my Friends to Enjoy, but

It may have been over their heads.

(Or maybe no one has time anymore to invest in watching something of quality—twenty second sound bites is what they want…)

Now, I am not being arrogant.

Nor pompous.

Ok, maybe a little pompous,


I have the attention span of a drunk gnat myself


Some things are worth the time invested.


“Uh…. I have posted some of this man’s work before…

But no one ‘watched’ (Uhhhh, your loss).

Watch this one. It is for ‘thinking’ peeps (as were the others)

I try to ‘share’ things that are thought provoking and relevant and entertaining.

But, what the hell, right? You can only beat a dead horse so long before it falls apart and becomes disgusting.

I shoot high. Sometimes I shoot low.

Sometimes I hit.

Sometimes I miss.

But I always shoot.

And always with good intent.

Never malice.

I just want folks to enjoy some of the things that enrich my life.

And maybe enrich yours.”

Thank You.

Drive Through.


(Ed. Note: There is a slight pause at the beginning of the video. This is intentional by the author–I am guessing here–but do NOT think that that is the end of the video. It is almost 20 minutes long and worth every minute of time spent watching.)

Bonus Track:

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