The Greatest Country Song in the History of Country Songs: ‘Pancho and Lefty’

Yes. I buried the lead again. I am fucking famous for that. Scroll down for the song.


Yeah, I am still struggling to get through the Ken Burns ‘History of Country Music’ document -tarry

I am in the Seventies now.

Really fucking me up.

Because I lived it.

Shoulda died it.


Now I am expressing my feelings of those wonderful times.

And wallowing in self-pity

And reminiscing



Re-missing the mark.

My life back then held such promise.

What the fuck went so horrible wrong?

When/where did I take that wrong turn?

Who the hell knows?

Who the fuck cares?

Certainly not me.

Least of all



“They only let me slip away out of kindness, I suppose.”

Written by Townes Van Zandt (Who, if you are astute and in-the-know, is in the video)

And also notice that on the bar table at the end the beers are Lone Star. — in the fucking bottle– the only proper way to drink beer: From the tit. Just like you grew up with–from Mama

And the song covered by ten thousand wanna – bee’s


Ref below of my larcenous/criminal past. And that is barely one-third of it. There are even some things I will never fess up to. Although it would make for mighty writing stories…. I suppose I could write it and call it ‘fiction.’ I mean, who the hell would know? Everyone would know, because ‘everyone’ knows I cannot write fiction worth a shit.

But I never got caught.

Because I was too fucking smart. And now I can write freely about it because in Amerika, we still have this thing.

It is called

‘The ‘Statue’ of Limitations.’

Kinda resembles that Statue of Miss Lady Liberté.

You remember: That French Bitch.

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