“Please Stand By”

Now, I know what a few of you (you happy few) may be thinking:

“Lance has run out of material to honestly write about.” (Since I seem of late to be posting only video and Lenny bits with a few rants thrown in for balance.)

And I can certainly understand how you might come to that conclusion.
Please allow me to assure you: nothing could be further from the truth.
Without putting too fine a point on it, I am in a transition. (Personally, not Blog-wise—I remain true to my Charter and the ambitions that prompted me to launch this Blog—so don’t get worried.

And I did reserve the right to follow ‘much more as becomes my wont, )

There is a wealth of old and new and in-between stuff on deck. And trying not to get cliché, I may be forced to pull the plug soon, but only for a little while until I land back on my feet.

If you log on to me one day and see this:

Please Stand By
Please Stand By


You will know what happened.
Thank y’all for your support.
And by the way, Now I am going to spend the rest of my time this evening catching up with all y’all folks out there whom I enjoy following.
(And damnit! Tis a sad Day For Me here In Mudville, ‘cause Mighty Phil (Mickelson) has struck out. The good news is that there is a Texan leading ‘The Masters’ going into the final round tomorrow.
Rock On! Jordan Spieth!

(See? I can do white. With the best)

beside the point….

At some risk of pissing off the Civil Rights’ Folks I am leaving you with this Sam Cooke. And certainly not trying to co-op the Civil Rights’ Movement, but when words and songs and meaning from a movement cannot touch all the people, well then it is really not a ‘movement’ per se, is it?

And it is a really cool song: part of our American Heritage; not just for Black Folk.

But for all of us who need change.

Hope you enjoy the inspiration.



12 thoughts on ““Please Stand By”

  1. Thank you Annie.
    I did not intimate, but this change is somewhat scary for me. (And I lived in Iraq for four years!)

  2. Oh of course I will. You’re in my stream silly. I just meant if you disappear for awhile I know you are just dealing with your life.

  3. Sending you good wishes Lance . . . I certainly understand transition!! I have read many of your posts. but still have more to read. Will miss you ☮ See ya on the flip side . . .

  4. Laura, I don’t want folks to misunderstand when I turn the lights off (which will happen next week.)
    I hope you will come back.

  5. It’s an awesome song for everyone who’s been through and goin’ through any kind of adversity.
    I love this post
    Hugs to ya…………..

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