Did I Actually Post/Write This Shite?-Oh…My…Gawd! I Must Have: I am Named In The ‘Dis-Credits’… But, Of Course. I Plead ‘The Fifth!’

As I Have (And Too Often & Too Early Said: “Self-Deprication” Is The Easiest, Lowliest, Lazy-Easy-it, Form Of Humor–I Have Not The True Talent To Be For-Real Funny–So I Just Fake It!)

As The Auteur/Director. Oh Shit! NOW I Gots Serious Big Troubles In Little China! (Esoteric Movie Reference–Sorry)

I Was Searchin’ For My ‘Happy Face / Place” Found It Hare! (Booze Is Helpful Too) Be Happy & Rejoice!

Git After It Y’all!

Nothin’ But Love For My Readers–All Both Of Y’all!”

Lance Old Geezer Happy Face:

This is as Good

as it gets

In j-my Mouse House


“More Shit That Makes Me Happy!”

–A Re-Werked,



Batch Of Shit

That Makes Me HAPPY


Expanded Post In The Spirit of The Up-Coming Season.

Yes! I Am An Atheist!

But I Still Love Christmas!

Please Enjoy This Post Avec Le Videos,.

J’espère Vous Do Yu (VooDoo?

You too? Day-um!

Guess I am Not As Alone as I Thot I was)”


I’d cred thid, but Y’all already Know Who She Is!

Not To Over-State The Oblivious, vi-we Owe U Us, But This Is A Happy, Upbeat Post I Humbly Submit

As My Early Christmas Gift

To All My Readers.

All Of You:

All Four of You


Hey! Hey! José!

How are You today?


May I See Yer Green Card?

By the way


Credit: José Feliciano

It’s The Time of the Season

For Reason

For Tolerance

For Compassion

(Love the too short clip of Liz in this video–

Only Lance Would Notice that slight…)

Cred for Vid: andrew91118

And I Shall Always Remain Thankful For What I’ve Got

And Merci Curtis–I Shall Never Grow Weary of This Classic Song. Your Words Have Guided My Life’s Philosophy Ever Since I First Heard Them,

So Many Many Years & Beers & Happy Tears Ago

Cred: Curtis Mayfield

Yeah, I’m A ‘Happy Camper’

Happy To Still Be Alive & Among’st ‘The Living’

Credit: Pharrell Williams

Credit: Sam O’Nella



“Marry You So You Won’t Roam?!”

Shit! I Tried That.

Four Times!


Vid Share Cred: ILMJXXX


Annie Hall

That’s All!

“And That’s All I’m Gonna Say About That.”

(Thank You Forrest; You May Go Now)

“Annie, talk to them. You speak shellfish.”

You gots to be mo’ careful



Crab Lady!

Oh My Gawd!

I’m in LOVE!

Cred for Share: K. Antoinette


Born in Arizona; Moved To Oklahoma…. Wait! Whaaat???

Street Cred: SNL


Egyptian: Walk This Way


Cred: The Bangles

Credit: Sam O’Nella

Credit: Sam O’Nella

Two More Bottles Of Wine

Cred for Vid Share: Ultimatekaya

Emmylou is so drop-dead beautiful (and so ‘feisty’ in this performance. I love love LOVE her!)


Martians Are Summoning Me!

“Linda, You got Some ‘Splaining to do”

Cred For vid: John Prine

Linda goes to Mars and leaves her mind behind.

(I can certainly relate)

One More From Beautifully Lovely Emmylou:

Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight 

(Volume is Borked–Crank This One Y’all)

Cred for Vid Share: TopPop

Best lyric from this song:
“It ain’t no time for lengthy speeches.”

Or this one: “There ain’t no way to stop the water”

(It’s a ‘photo finish.’)

Such a wonderful song. I love you Emmylou!


Best Movie to Come Out Of The Nineties?


All Signs Point To


Oh Hell Yes!

Cred for Vid Clip Share: manetaki


King Arthur’s Footnote:

I “Lift” A Lot From The Inner-Webs

But I am No Thief.

I ALWAYS Endeavor to CRED

(Unless it isn’t blatantly obvious–yet even then… I try to do it–Someone took the time and the bandwidth to bother to upload it. And I appreciate that)

Whenever I can and can Find The Time, I cred, and if I don’t have the time at that moment, I come back. Always.

If I push that Back, I come back until Later and Fix any Over-Sight/Slight

Thank You

This point is Important to Me.

It is a simple matter of respect for The Work of Others who Do My Heavy Lifting for Me

That’s all.


Aretha Franklin – Respect [1967]

Street Cred for Vid: TatanBrown

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  1. Emmylou and Gram Parsons. Now THAT duo could make music. I did hang out with Chris Hillman a couple of times. He was NOT enamored by Gram’s unpredictability. They were headed to S Africa on a tour from London. Gram was a no-show at airport. Was over at Keef Richard’s house high-as-a-kite.

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