Must Be… A Stream of Un-Consciousness. Honesty-Time: I Always ‘Rapidly Post A Post’–Just to Look at it–Once I Think I Have Found It ‘Done’


Perhaps Just A Train Wreck?

You Decide!

Cred fer Vid: Charlie Dean Archives

Some Broad, Back In Sand-Dog,

Once Called Me A ‘Train-Wreck–Going Somewhere To Happen’

Now I Know Why

Smart Woman–She Was–Her Name was…

Wait For It…



But, I Can NEVER Just Walk On By…

So I Drop This In Here,

Simply ‘Cuz I Just Cannot Find A Proper Place For It:

“The literary device ‘stream of consciousness’ is the continuous flow of thoughts of a person and recorded, thereof, in literature as they occur. In other words, it means to capture a continuous stream of thoughts into words and then scribble them on paper for others to read.”


News Flash: It Ain’t Never Done!

Not In MY Estimation. Ever’Thang is a Work-In-Progress–

The Reason I Continue to Wake-Up, Most Mornings

So I Go Back and Edit it to Within an Inch of its Natural Life–

Call it ‘A Character Flaw’–if you Must.


I AM a GOOD Person

G’Damn It!

Since I cannot think up anything ‘new’ (or old) to write, thought I would just try to bullshit my way through a new post.

Why Not?

Here goes. Hold onto your socks.

Reflecting upon what has ‘happened’ to me over the past month or so…

Mostly bad, but now I see the light at the end of the tunnel

And it ain’t no train.

Thanks Be To Baby Hey Zeus!

Recall that I was evicted from my last apartment:

So What did I do?

Got so drunk and engulfed in self-pity that I drank myself into a stupid stupor.

A Matter of Course, Of course.

Ended up Back in Re-Hab.


(No worries’ I have ‘Frequent – Flyer Miles’ on the books with them—didn’t cost me a dime.)

While there, was informed that all my worldly possessions had been taken from my ‘Mouse-House’ and cast into Purgatory—I mean ‘Storage’

Everything I own was haphazardly tossed into some storage closet in some dark, dank shit-hole:

All my expensive computers, monitors, precious memory items—basically, my entire life—Unceremoniously and carelessly hurled into oblivion.

Cutting to the chase—me chasing my tale—I was eventually released from the loving arms/secure nest of Glen Oaks and not Un-Like a newly-born bird, managed to ‘fly’ back home, which was now just my Ford Explorer.


After much stressful Tribulations & Try-Angle-Accusations, I managed to find me where I reside today: Pecan Tree Apartments, A Six-Unit Complex. I love it. Not only is the Manager Nice to me; she don’t judge me. When I initially filled out the Rental Application, I had to admit I had just been evicted from my last digs.

She said, “We don’t get too worried ‘bout stuff like that. You got money for move-in costs?”

“Yep. Sure do.”

(Thanks to the BEST Girl-Friend in My Known Universe: Roberta)

“Sign here and welcome to the neighborhood.”

‘Marriage’ made in Heaven.

An aside: About a week after I had taken up residence, The Manager and her Co-Manager brought me a micro-wave oven which had been left behind by some former tenant AND also a whole bag of ‘Goodies’—cleaning products, microwave popcorn, dish-towels, et-cetera.

I could not wrap my mind around such human kindness—surely I was dreaming—turns out, I wasn’t. It was all too for real.

Seems I had finally found me a home.

Street Cred: Buffett


Oh, You may ask,

 “Lance, where is the ‘Stream O’ Consciousness?’ This post seems too contrived—too Convoluted, too thought out.”

“Relax. It’s coming–The Un-Convoluted Part

To be continued…

I tried real Hard to Make a Magical Mystery Tour Vid of my New Apartment, but I guess I’m too frickin’ STUPID to make that work.

I’m a genius with computers,

‘Made’ This one–By Hand:

but phones fu*k up my mind–I guess I need a ten year old daughter to help me–On my ‘to-do’ list:

Make me a ten-year-old daughter.

What?! Too late, you say?!

Well Shit!

Anyway, for what it’s worth, here are a few photos:

Le Boudoir

The Galley

The ‘Hemingway’ Desk

My Single Bed

“Hey! I wanna Love You–in my Single Bed!”

(Sorry Bob)

Le ‘Room, Wife of Bath’

To Be Continued

Or Not

Probably Not.

On This Blog You Don’t Pay No Money, You don’t Take Your Chances–

Please Note: I Do NOT Take No Dollars From Advertising Pukes–EVER!

Just Wanted to Remind Y’all

Of That



Street Cred: hawkwyd

And Yes! I Love Everything About Cats!

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