Someone I know (and admire), compelled me to post this video. (Unknowingly / Unwittingly) 

I hope you enjoy it.

It makes me feel so right about supporting Women’s Rights. (And Their Strength) 

(No more preaching here from me; I do not wish to degrade the effect of the Video)

Yes, I know. This is a Socialist Song. But, without support from the home…well…

I still maintain this is a woman’s song.

15 thoughts on “Inspired

  1. They both gave us inspired versions of ‘Diamonds and Rust,’ I do believe, my good friend Lance. And I do love that song.

  2. Mark, you are correct. Not a competition. Both Joan and Joni are awesome in their different methods and styles of bringing social awareness. There is at least one song they did together. Wish I could remember it. (Google Time).

    Cheers My Friend.

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  4. Joan and Joni, you don’t have to pick one over the other as far as activism goes, Lance, I don’t think. They both roared in their own manner.

    I’m with you standing up for our blogging friend and women’s rights and strength. And T knows it, too.

  5. Esther, Thank You.
    I lived these times.
    Just waxing nostalgia here.
    Thanks for visiting and for commenting.

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