And I Thought…

Once upon a time…

I thought That These would be Good “remember when, ‘Feel Good'”  posts/songs.

“The Good Ole Days… eh?”

Now, I know…

What the fuck was I thinking?

Video Credit: Carly Simon

Video Credit: adamtrng

Video Credit: MegaSanjul

I am very sorry, but I do not know, nor can I find where I got this video. Cheers to whoever posted it!

Vid Credit: Kanal von bluearmyfr111

Video Credit: Concordbeltcreation2

Again, I don’t recall where I got this one either… Sorry.

(Please go HERE for some (more sober) enlightenment and back-story about “Leroy Rastus–Rocky Raccoon–Coon.” And if you are ‘into’ exotic pet stories, well go here and here…)

Point is, I Wasn’t…  Thinking.

Some guy said once, “You can never go home again…”

He was a smart man, that man, that man who said those words…

I embrace those words.


–Good Night.

“…and all they wanted was to gaze into your eyes…”

(Yeah. I have a lost love; don’t we all?)

5 thoughts on “And I Thought…

  1. HL = huge like, dude! 🙂 I love all these songs and these fantastic singers… where’s the Boss aka Bruce Springsteen?… 😉

  2. I am shocked and awed.
    You actually ‘commented’ on a post you ‘liked’
    I am amazed…. and I thank you, Esther.
    And, please forgive me for being an ass… it must be something I picked up in Texas or Tel Aviv… or le both.

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