There is only one woman I know who will get the joke. (On Me) And she is far too much a lady to call me out.

Crying Jag!

And yet she has been dead to me now for some many years.

Still, I miss her.

I weep.

I weep for her.

I weep for me.

I weep for both of us.

I weep for lost chances

I weep for our lost chances of pure Romances.

True Love, we had….


Cast away.

Worse than any movie.

I weep for my country.

I weep for a lot of shit.

(I do a lot of weeping of recent)

I weep for…

My Navy….

My decimated Navy

My Republic of Texas

My Country.

My life

My wife (the best one–God knows, I never deserved more than one….) Providence says, “Only one shot at the brass ring.” I had four. Missed them all..

I weep for everything.

Except my life.

Except my life.

Except my life.

My Life has done fair and fare by me–no, nada, none complaints.

I made my bed and it has been my comfortable to comfort lie in it. No regrets.

Good enuff for a sailor.

I got what I deserved. What I put in, I reaped from the Whirl-wind.

Just rewards.


All my ex-wives (who must suffer through the rest of their miserable lives without me) I weep a bit for them….

That last was tongue – in -cheek, btw.


I have never figured who I am in this movie:




Or a composite.

I am sick of trying to puzzle it all out.

“Truly I am!”

Now go away.

This post is just me thinking a loud.

Am I Scarlett?

Am I Rhett?

I think I have always been Scarlett…..

Strong and cunning, always mercenary.

Transcending gender.

“Harder and harder just to be nice.”

Joni Mitchell – “Shades Of Scarlet Conquering”

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