‘Le Space Farce. Uh… I Meant “Space Race!” And fuck LBJ!— Space Race.’ It is always all about race, ain’t it?

“She tries his Head–To-Night–Un-knowingly” Fuck You God! Fuck You Biden! And Fuk U Too Joni Mitchell! and While I’m handing out ‘fuck yous,’ Fuck you most of all Lance A. Marcom!

Figured this is as good as that.

OR… why waste good ancient prose?

Your choice.

Here ya go:


Now that is a good term from the Cold War, i.e., ‘Le Space Race.’
However, it still rings true today; rings true as something, almost… unattainable, yet so very much coveted.
“Escape Velocity”

Cal Gone! Take me away! (sic) Yeah: sick.
Point is, I have spent the better part of my life ‘playing’ computer games. Some might be tempted to label them ‘video’ games.

(They are NOT video games, Love: they are ways I increase my mental, mental…”)
Old Story warning here:

That guy. That guy, who used to write about distance running, what was his name” Oh Yeah! Joe Henderson; I read all of his books… Oh yeah! He died of a heart-attack… Just details…
He wrote a bit:
His bit went something like this:

He was ‘runnin’ down a road. Some kid says, “Hey, Hi! Mister Jogger!”
He replied, “Hey Kid! I am not a jogger; I am a runner! A ‘Runner!’ Get it right!”
The kid replied, “Well then, why are you jogging?”

I had to laugh; been there, et etcetera…

This is the part where I get pissed. (And when I get pissed… well, you would not like me)
The worst thing one (amongst the uninitiated) is to say, proclaim:
“Are you still playin’ that damn stupid video game?!!”
Perfect retort:

“Yes Madame. I am.”
“Oh. Well, be a good boy and don’t go downtown, protesting’ and such…”
“Yessum. I won’t”
“Good boy there then…”
“Yes, Ma’am.” (“Now Fuck Off” This is what I did truly think)

But,  she I did have a point, but my ‘point’ swerved into something else, which I really do not wanna talk about.

My point it thus: Kids that played computer games in the Eighties are now in charge of your world.
And to loosely quote Forrest Gump:
“That is all I am gonna say about that.”

Some thoughts?

And P.S., Yes! I have of late, been spending some quality time with some of my ‘computer’ games. They know me there, and I don’t have to be too creative (actually, I do, but most….) Well…

My blogging experience is failing me of late. Not to say that I do not appreciate The Community. Just to say… that I am between gigs and this is beginning to weigh upon me.

Certainly, I will be about, but please do not chastise me for not visiting your respective blogs on a respective basis. (My intent is to intentionally do so, albeit, tomorrow), yet… I am real tired.

And my health is no good.

I will catch up…


I Promise.

“For Love or Money”

Lots of forty watt successes.


I cannot stop laughin’ my ass off!

Joni My Love of My Life!

And yeah! In case you missed my ‘subliminal’ bullshit:

I still miss Shonnie

’tis a curse: A curse of a good woman.




Tuesday Ed. Note: This Post Makes Absolutely NO SENSE


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  1. Never expect you to read me, though you were one of my first followers, I believe 🙂 I enjoy reading your musings – look forward to it, actually! That’s the beauty of this forum – engage as a writer, a reader or both – it’s all good!!! Take care of yourself, Lance!! I am looking forward to both – reading more of your blog and reading more of your wonderful comments on mine, when you get the opportunity 🙂
    Sending good thoughts your way!!!! (And thought of you watching Sarah Silverman host SNL the other night 😉 )

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