Input/Output: Electricity! (With Sincere Apologies to Joni Mitchell)

The below is a comment I made over at Aussa’s Blog (a blog I can never say enough good things about), in response to one of her hilarious posts: Ridiculous On The Job Injuries

Her prompt:  What’s the most ridiculous way you’ve injured yourself?


Back in the Middle Ages (1980’s) when I owned my tropical fish store in Nacogdoches

(Yes, That ‘Oldest Town in Texas’), I was trying to clean the front glass of one of my retail tanks (ten gallon) which housed an electric catfish (like an electric eel, but with higher amps and voltage).

I was standing on a stool as ‘Benny Franklin’s’ tank was on the third tier—you just know I had to name him 

—since I’d had him ‘in-stock’ for months (All the East Texans were interested in were guppies, goldfish, and ‘crud-eaters’).

Anyhow, as I was keeping a watchful eye on Benny, lest I inadvertently swerve my paw/forearm into him, a customer walked up to me, inquiring (rather vociferously) about where were the crud eaters

(Yes, I have posted about crud-eaters), I took my eye off the prize (my arm) just for-a-second. Yep: Bam! Brushed Benny and received a shock which knocked me off the stool and flat on my ass.

Input: Output Electricity

Malapterurus electricus- shock yer ass-officus

Embarrassed? What do you think? I was supposedly a ‘professional aquarist.’

Apparently not-on-that-day.

The potential crud-eater customer just looked down at me and announced dryly that she would try ‘Ben Franklin’s’ (coincidence? or irony?) or better still Wal*Mart up the road.

Guess I did not answer her query quick enough as I was taking my own sweet time in my sincere effort to start breathing again.

True Story: you can take my word for it.


Cheers to you Aussa,

Always my pleasure to visit y’all, and glean inspiration for future posts (sincerely).


Video Credit: JoniJourney

27 thoughts on “Input/Output: Electricity! (With Sincere Apologies to Joni Mitchell)

  1. Tropical fish, huh. Kim B told me one time he was importing ‘tropical birds’. What’s the deal with former HG dudes and “tropicals”?

  2. I wanted to go with Joe’s Catch And Release but couldn’t find it on youtube. I’m glad you like my wordless comment. 🙂

    Tasty tasty duck! 😀

  3. Thank you very much Anna.
    Did your daughter like it too?
    I appreciate your read and your enthusiastic comment.

  4. Heathen My Friend.
    You have added immense value to my post.
    That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!
    (Next to Lenny and Carlin, You know I love Joe! ‘Cause I’m just that way!)
    Thanks muchisimo!!

  5. I just knew she had a great sense of humor. Now I have her song “Constant Craving” in my head. Gonna havta download it.

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