Yeah! This Is A Re-RE-Re-Repost… Git The Fuck Over It! I Fucked My One Chance To Have Janis Ian As My Friend!

And The Teaser-Lime’ Is WRONG! I Meant so Say, “She WON’T Read it; But Guess WhAT? WORD-DEPRESS’D IS Fucking Stupid AND WILL ALLOW ME TO FIX ANY…THING!!!

God-Damn It! I’m Such An Idiot!

I Adore This Woman, Janis Ian,

I Love Her. She Loves Me Not!

I Don’t Give A Fuck If She Is A Lesbian,

Who Really Gives A Shit At This Point?

For One Brief, Precious Moment In Time, I had the Attention of Janis Ian, Then I Fucked it Up!

Please Do Not Fuck With Me.

I Fuck with my mind enuff!

I am Not in the mood

Maybe Later

Check Back

Yeah. I am a Hopeless, Hapless Romantic (And a Fool) I am Re-posting This For My Dead Sister. She Would Appreciate It. Even if Y’all Do Not

I Miss Her Wit (Madelyn), So Fucking Much.

I Miss You So Much Dear Sis!

You Would Certainly Laugh and Make A Mockery Of My Current Folly

Madelyn ‘Turned Me On” To Janis Ian.

I Never Forgave Her!

At Seventeen

She May Read It, Perhaps In Heaven Which, if There be Such a Place, Is Where She Belongs.

You Don’t Need To…

Read This.

It is Only For Her.

“Janis Ian handed my ass to me.”

I LOVE Janis Ian!

I said, “Do you wish me dead?”

Lip service to books you’ve read

Articles on how to bed a bird in flight

You called it love

I called it greed

You say, “You take what you want”

I said, “You get what you need”

Go on, be a hero, be a man

Make your own destiny if you can

Go find a fence

Locate a shell

And hide yourself, go on, go to hell!

Go away from me

I need no charity

Janis Ian handed my ass to me.

I deserved this.

(Because I am an asshole but had temporarily misplaced my ass.)

Janis returned it to me with not-so-well wishes.

I should have learned the truth at Seventeen.

Cred for Vid Share: PJHARV1

But I didn’t. I am still studying and yet I remain optimistic for the future. Someday I just may become a real gentle…man


Janis Ian Message to me (on Facebook):

This Really Brought Me Back To Earth!

Shit. I Have been ‘dressed-down,

but never like this!


“Lance Marcom uh… I have no idea why you took off at me like that. I said people could share because inevitably, people post on threads asking if they can share. And I’m sorry if you were “triggered ” by my offer, but if offering the option to share some thoughts written by a very dear friend of mine – who by the way is not having a great year, and certainly has more urgent things to do with his time than the way you just spent yours – caused your upset… well then, take your triggered self somewhere else. If you’re that big a “fan”, you’d know how little I think of people who use “triggered ” as an excuse, or profanity as an attempt at English.

As to telling you to “fuck off” years ago, apparently I didn’t make myself clear enough at the time, though as you admit, I didn’t say that. However, your over the top responses and insults to everyone who responded show your self-pitying true self.

Apologies mean nothing if you’ve understood nothing, Lance. Apologies mean nothing if you’ve learned nothing. And it really is time for you to take your very sensitive triggered self and work on fixing your life, instead of interfering with mine.”


 (After reading her proper ‘dress-down’, I retired to my “stupid corner” opened a can of worms and ate all of them–in shame)

“When payment due exceeds accounts received.”

I will always love you Janis.

You are a beautiful, brilliant, brilliant songwriter and performer.


“Don’t spoil it all; I can’t recall a time when you were struck without an answer.”


“Between the Lines”

I know Janis is GAY–I DON’T Give A Shit!

“And For a dime I can talk to God.

Dial a Prayer…

Are You There?

Do You Care?

Are You There?”


In The Winter…

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