Daily Lenny: “People Don’t Stay”

I so wish he had stayed with us…

Just a little bit longer.


Jackson Browne – Stay Just A Little Bit Longer – Live

Yeah, The Moron Who Posted This Vid Misspelled His Last Name.

Details Details…

Try To Pay Attention To The Details!

They Matter.

If You Don’t–It Mars Your Post.


And Y’all Know I Despise Jackson Browne as a Person–As A Man

But I Do Love His Music–

This Is Well-Documented Here On These TT&H Pages:

Action Jackson: Jackson Browne Was / Is a Misogynist. I Kinda / Sorta Forgave Him That–No! Not Really! Never Will I Ever Forgive Him For That. Such An Asshole!


Screw It!!

WP Won’t Allow Me to Attach It!

I’m Working on a Work-Around.

Believe Me:

I Can Out-Last WordPress



This is shortly before Lenny did not stay.

Long, but worth it.

I miss Lenny and I never even knew him,

but I do know him

as I know Shakespeare.

He left us his work.

 Lenny Bruce reads a newspaper from circa 1970


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And I do sincerely thank you for your visit.


One thought on “Daily Lenny: “People Don’t Stay”

  1. Of Course Our People Don’t Stay. We Are A Nation Of Migrants, Miscreants, Brave Idiots. We Move Around. Searching for Rainbows. Never Finished.
    Yet we sailor on.

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