That’s My Story (Spacemen from Mars stole all of my money–I can play the game. They Love me Just The Same…)

Proving (once again) That My Life Has a Sound-Track

(Yes, there will be more)

*heavy sigh*

Stand by for heavy rolls as this ship comes about.

(USS Callaghan DDG-994) My First Vessel

DDG 994


Just a man I once had the honor of shaking hands with… Cesar Chavez

What’s that word? I think I’m eccentric.


–Oh yeah.


“The younger girls are so easy to trick”

Wizards and Lizards…

They all bite.

It’s kinda like fishing for shark: they bite, vociferously (sp)

Trust me on this one.

“In a hundred years, this all won’t matter.”

“Call me a liar; call me a writer… believe me or not.”

Mostly not.

“That’s my Story and I’m Stickin’ to It.”

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