Pandora, The Most Beautiful Girl In The World…

Content cred: Julie Nolke

*Ring Ring*

“Hello? “Is this GOD?” (My Phone Was Glowing–Natural Assumption–I knew instinctively it was not The BatMan. As we have been ‘On The Outs’ Ever Since I accused him of Fucking ‘The Boy Wonder”–Long story)

So, It must be God: He is the only one who ever calls me.

*Pregnant Pause*

So I repeated my question:

“Is this God?”

“Yes it is, My Son.”

“I ain’t your Son. That would be that ‘other’ guy.”

“Oh Sorry, Hey Zeus is the only one who ever calls me. What’s on your mind, My ‘Friend’? Oh wait! I called you. You seem to be stressed out these days.”

“I just have a couple of quick, simple questions.”

“Go on…”

“Why did you create gnats?”

God said, “Ask Pandora.”

So then I asked, “What’s up with this WuFlu? This all part of your ‘Devine Plan?'”

GOD hung up on me.

What an asshole!


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