Most of My Shit Today is Lazy Writing: Stream of Consciousness Writing. Bullshit Incoherent ‘Writing’ Bull-Shite Writing. Anyone can do That. I want more out of me.

What I ‘write’ today is half-assed, not thought-out, poorly constructed bullshit.

I hate me

Yet, I sailor on

Still The Fukking Same

Bob Seger – Still The Same

I despise me.

Stream of consciousness can be good (Taken in small dosages)


It is not real writing


‘Tis Not

I used to be able to write good shite.

Not so much these daze.

Now I just throw a bunch of words into a blender, let it run for a bit and then pour them all over my post

Frog In A Blender–Joe Cartoon



I have so many great non-fiction stories hidden in my back pocket–just gotta dig ’em out. Shit! I am afraid of them. I have lost my mojo–no shit Sherlock

Word to some wise: Do Not delve too deeply into your memories.

Most of them are bad


I Need my missing-in-action Muse

Melanie Martinez – Pity Party

Tea & Sympathy–Janis Ian

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