Drunken Sailor? I Have No Earthly Clue as To What To Do… As To Who Wrote This Post, Probably Some Lunatic/Hacker.

My Best Guess. Don’t Y’all Just HATE When This Happens? I Certainly Do! Very Irritating.

I Love The Irish!

Go Figger Ni*ger

Just Jokin’!

“What do we do with a Drunken Sailor?”

Put Him In A Long-Boat ‘Till He’s Sober,

Or Just Shoot Him.

Shoot Him

In the Head


Deadliest Catch Season 1 Trailer

Drunken Sailor. What To Do?

What am I talking about?

What sig-nif is That,

Lance Romance?

Lost me mind


Tom MacDonald –


Foggy Glasses!

Always happens to me right when

I am in-the-middle of trying to build a post.

I have Swerved Into A Solution Though

**No! Not This**

Although I could use a Pair of These–

In My Spectacles’ Prescription Of Course

You see, it’s all just a simple matter of Condensation/Consternation

But what causes condensation?

Condensation happens when your home face is too humid & warm and your warm, humid face contacts the cold surfaces Eye-Glasses. This leads to the air cooling quickly and forming droplets Fog on nearby surfaces such as walls/windows Your Eye-Glasses.

If you’ve noticed droplets of water or damp walls Foggy Glasses and are wondering how to stop condensation happening, we’re I am here to help & reassure you not to panic.

It’s really just a common part of living.

But How Do I Prevent Condensation?

Here is what ya do Kids:

You take a wash cloth,

Run it under the hot water tap until it’s saturated.

Wring it out a little.

Press it against your eye-balls.

Hold it there until the count of twelve.

Your mileage may vary–Experiment a bit.

Dry Off Your Eyes & Face THOROUGHLY–This Is Key.

Take your glasses and run them under the same hot water.

Dry THEM Thoughtfully & THOROUGHLY.

et voilà!

Good To Go!

Rinse and Repeat as Becomes Necessary

It really is just about keeping the two ‘surfaces’–Your Eye-Balls and Your Glasses, The Same Temperature.

It Ain’t ‘Rocket-Science’



If You Have A Tendency To Sweat From Your Eye-Brows

I Cannot Help You

I Suppose You Could Try Using One of

These Handy-Dandy Tiny Little Portable Fans

(Batteries Never Included)

Aim It At Your Eye-Brows And Crank It Up

Good Luck With That


Fun Trivia Fact:

I Never Needed Glasses Until This Very Precise Moment In Time:

September 10th 1997

What significance that day? You May Ask.

My Fortieth Birthday.

The Beatles ‘Birthday’

Rooftop Concert 1970:

Cred For Vid Share: videos raros


Needed Glasses Ever Since That Day.

Went To The ‘Eye-Ball Witch-Doctor’

Asked, “Why Doc? Oh Why? Why Now?”

“Welcome To Your Forties” He Said. “Very common.”

“Thanks a lot Doc.” (Asshole)


Added Value:

Trailer Park Boys Moments

Street Cred For Vid: RockyTopTN11


Even More Bonus Added Value:

My Vision of White Trash Heaven:

“Bubbles in My Beer”

Billy Mata

Cred for Vid: When The Cowboy Sings


And Just For Fun!

I Give You


Everybody’s Favorite Dead Guy

Take It Away Beetle!


8 thoughts on “Drunken Sailor? I Have No Earthly Clue as To What To Do… As To Who Wrote This Post, Probably Some Lunatic/Hacker.

  1. You were asked to leave Lone Star? No wonder. KIm B was likely
    Pulling some of his crazy shite

  2. DFWSteve,

    Ain’t nothin’ better ‘n Lone Star, But IT MUST BE-IN-THE-BOTTLE!
    (or on Tap)
    I toured the brewery once (San Antone) Free LS on Tap!
    They finally asked us to leave (Me and Kim Barrett & and another dude whose name escapes me)
    I cannot imagine why they asked us to leave.
    They started out ‘so friendly…
    *Heavy Sigh*

  3. DFWSteve,

    I really wish I could force myself to venture away from my Bat-Shit-Crazy-Cave once in a while and do all the things I promised Lance I would do once finally back Home in Tejas,

  4. and its always better when the beer is Lone Star. Or back when it was available, Pearl (the mainstay drink of the great Doug Sahm). Ot the Falstaff longnecks at Gruene Hall.

  5. Well guess I’m not the only person that knows about Billy Mata. Now THAT is the real deal. Comes to Ft Worth every so often.

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