“What did you do in The War, Daddy?”

It’s Fittin’

Or it isn’t.


In my mind, I think I have written some incredibly good shit for this here blog, (approaching my one-year anniversary) but then again, who can account for taste?

Certainly not me.


I had some interesting emails of late:

Mostly of the “Jeeze! Yer not dead… I hope.” Strain. (vernacular??)

“No Virginia, I am not dead.”(And No: There ain’t no Santa)


Nope. Not yet. (dead: not Santa—try to stay with me here Friends…)

‘So sorry…’

“Maybe next time.” Or as some of my ‘friends’ might say: “Next Year in Jerusalem.”

(But then, that is some other kind of different post, ain’t it?)

I am tired, so I will end this now.

Just wanted to post ‘something’ so that y’all would realize… I am still alive in here.



P.S. Now, that right there is what some might call a virulent (?), brilliant stream of ‘conscientiousness’. Some might, in fact.

Personally, I call ‘bullshit.’ But that is just me.

Cheers Y’all,


And PPS:

I am gonna volunteer to go to Liberia.

Just to help.

If y’all think I’m jokin’, well then; you don’t know me very well, do you?

Hell! All who know me, know I will risk anything for money! Because ‘money’ is all I care about.”

(And if y’all believe that, well then I am not… aiming… at ‘My Audience’)

And I do have a bridge to sell. (cheap!)


Just for fun:

“A Deputy Sheriff approached them in a manner rather rude…” 

8 thoughts on ““What did you do in The War, Daddy?”

  1. David, I loved the video (You know I am a Stones fan).
    Hey, I am posting a post, inspired by your comment and your link.

  2. Laughing out loud!
    No, Dear Annie, Lance has not yet “left the building”
    Thank you for coming back to my erstwhile site.
    I do appreciate you.
    Love an’ stuff,

  3. As you may (or may not) recall… Heathen, we (you and I) made a ‘date’, to get shit-faced together, ‘ere we go…)
    Or at least, have a beer or two.
    Do you honestly think I would miss such an opportunity??

  4. I surely do hope you approach living with more diligence than you do dying. Because, man, when it comes to dying you’re just not very good at it. You go off to dangerous places, have heart attacks, and all of that, and here you are still nowhere near dead. Slacker!

    Damn glad to see evidence of continued respiration on your part, man.

  5. Dear Friend Beth,
    I think you may have missed my meaning…
    (It was not a ‘mean’ meaning; just a ‘meaning.’)
    So long.

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