Recently… (A while back)

I killed my FB account. (This is a habit with me)


For reasons I’d rather not disclose, but numero one’oh is detailed below:

Anyway, I grew weary of reading about how much Jesus loves me, how I need to say ‘amen’ if I agree all the time. (They never tell ya what exactly to say when you do NOT agree), et cetera,  et al. So… I just say what I feel, which generally gets me into trouble.

So.. I said some evil things.

Have since apologized.

Been offered a promise of a promise back in Iraq (rhymes, don’t it?)

I will go there.




The point of this post is thus:

I am back on FB; for whatever good that might mean. (or not mean)


“Is one the moon, Dear Clown, tied to a string for me?”

(He tried, but he could not get it down)

And yes: I have been in – love with Joni Mitchell for neigh onto forty year here.

Oh! And I love Emmy Lou…  Too!

And.. Frank Zappa, and Tom Waits, and, Carly Simon, And Lenny Bruce, and… I suppose my love comes cheap.

Sorry ’bout that. So sorry Wilson.

I am sorry Wilson.




19 thoughts on “FaceBook’d

  1. You struggle with it too! Yeah. I get what you mean completely. It’s appealing to be included but there are downsides to being connected in so many ways.

  2. FB is about the biggest time-suck I have ever experienced – having said that, it’s how I keep up with a lot of friends & their growing families. I only got on after my grandkids were born – got tired of my friends saying what cool pics/videos were posted & I hadn’t even seen them. Didn’t want to miss out. Now that I’m on it – I’m just another of the millions involved in “The Great Experiment” involving psychology, social norms & interactions, and data mining & its results. But hey, I got some great pics out of it 😉

  3. I had a gerbil once when I was a wee chile. I overfed it and it blew up, literally exploded. I am still sorry about that….

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